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Creating & Processing Traditional Club Packages

Create club packages to send wine shipments to your club members. For each traditional club, you'll create a package with products, settings, and a date for when it should be processed. Once you make it active, club members can see and interact with their club shipment up until your set process date. On the process date, the shipment for each member will be processed automatically, charging their clubs and creating club orders.

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Creating a Traditional Wine Club Package

General settings

  1. Navigate to Club > Club Packages in the admin panel.
  2. Click Add Package

    add package
  3. Configure your club package settings:add club package 1-2
    1. Title: Enter a title for your club package. This is not customer-facing.
    2. Club: Which club is this package for? Members who belong to the club will be set to receive this package. (They won't be able to see it until you make the package active.) Please note that once members have been added to the club package, you will not be able to change the "Club" later.  
    3. Auto-Process Date: The date that your club package will automatically process. Learn more about auto-processing here.
    4. Requested Ship Date (optional): Delay the ship date for all of the orders in your club package. (You will also be able to set this for an individual's member's shipment. If a member has a requested ship date, that will take precedence over this one.) NOTE: The Requested Ship Date will not appear on the individual Club Packages, but will display on the processed Orders.
    5. Allow Customers To Ship Early (optional): When members can see their club package online, if this setting is on, shipping members will have an option to "Ship It Now" when viewing their shipment online. This will process their club order immediately instead of waiting for the Auto-Process date.

      Screen Shot 2023-01-09 at 3.43.30 PM
  4. Under Product Selection, decide if you're going to have a Member Can Customize or a Set Items package.
    1. Member Can Customize: With this option, you select the products for the default club shipment, but members will have the option to edit and add additional products online. If you need to, you will still be able to require members to keep specific products in their shipment or only have a maximum amount for a specific bottle.
    2. Set Items: With this option, you create the default club shipment. Default Package items cannot be edited either online or in Admin. 
    3. Why do we recommend the 'Member Can Customize option'? The ability to edit a club shipment results in a 9.29% increase in average order value, and 16.51% boost in SKU count per package and there is a correlation between customization options and higher spending. This approach not only enhances member
      satisfaction but also actively drives up club revenue. (Source: Commerce7's 2023 Data Book).
  5. If you've selected Member Can Customize, you will see two additional settings:
    1. Minimum # of Products: The minimum number of Products that Customers must choose when editing their Shipment. The default is set to 1. 
    2. Minimum Order Value: The minimum dollar threshold that Customers must meet when editing their Shipment. If you prefer to base it on dollar threshold, you can allow customers to add any quantity of Products - as long as they're purchasing the specified dollar amount.
      Note: This minimum threshold is calculated before any promotions or discounts are applied, which is why it can sometimes appear that the total is less than your minimum Order value.
    3. If you set BOTH a minimum Order value, and minimum bottle quantity, then the customer will have to satisfy both requirements before they are able to purchase.
  6. Shipment Instructions is a place where you can add extra information about this specific club package. Any content entered here will be added to the shipment reminder emails that go out 2 weeks and 2 days before your auto-process date.

Products & discounts

Note: When using the 'Member can Customize' model, be sure to add all items that you'd like your Members to have access to, in addition to any default Shipment.

Example: Your default package includes 3 bottles of Cabernet and 3 bottles of Chardonnay. But if you'd like your Members to be able to switch out those wines for your Pinot, be sure to add the Pinot with a '0' default.

  1. Search for a product by title or SKU to add it to the package. 
    Screen Shot 2023-01-09 at 4.28.52 PM
  2. When the dropdown appears, enter in the default quantity, min, and/or max (if applicable) then click Add
    1. Default Quantity: Adding a default quantity will include the product in the shipment by default. If a club member does not edit their club shipment online, they will automatically receive this quantity of this product. If you just want the product to be an item that they can add, but not included in the shipment by default, set the default to 0.
    2. Minimum: The minimum quantity (if any) that you require your members to take.
    3. Maximum: The maximum quantity that you allow your members to take (consider supply and demand when choosing this number).
    4. Please Note: Once a product is added to a club package, in that product's setting, you won't be able to edit the "SKU" as long as the package is active. 
  3. Once products are added, there will be some additional settings:
    1. Available on Web' slider (this appears once you've added the Products):
      - If toggled ON, then this Product will display for Club Members when they log in to view or customize their Club Package.
      - If toggled OFF, then this Product will not display for Club Members when they log in to view or customize their Club Package. But it will be available for Admins to add this Product manually to Club Packages in special one-off cases.
    2. Inventory preview: This is available once the package has been saved. Click it to see a preview of that product's current available inventory or see how many members in this club package currently have it in their shipment.

      preview inv in package

      preview inv modal
  4. Adjust the product's display order online by clicking and dragging the icon to the left of the product image. 
  5. Under Discounts search to add any coupons that you'd like to apply. Any club promotions will apply automatically so this is for any discounts that you want to apply to the club package that members don't automatically receive online.

    Rules for promotions and coupons still apply here. For example, if you add 2 coupons here, if they aren't in a promotion set, and the member qualifies for both, only the best discount will apply to their club shipment. If both coupons are in a promotion set and the member qualifies for both, then both discounts will be stacked. 
  6. Click Save Package

At this point, we strongly recommend clicking Step 2: Shipments at the top of the page and then clicking into a couple of members. Scroll down to preview the default shipment and discounts that are applying to make sure that everything is correct. If not, you can go back to Step 1: Setup and make adjustments until you're ready to set your package active!


Package statuses

When working with your club package, there are 3 different statuses that you'll work with. The current status is listed at the top right of the page in a button. Click the button to see dropdown options for the available statuses.

  • Planning Mode: This is what your package will be initially after it's been created. This is to give you time to set up and configure your package before making it visible to members. Members won't see it on your website and no shipments in the package can be processed until it is made "Active". (The auto-process date will not doing anything unless the package is Active.)
    Note: Important to leave it in Planning Mode until you are absolutely ready. Once it's been made active, it cannot be reverted to planning mode.
  • Active: A package in the Active status can be seen on your website and can be viewed/customized by customers. Admins will be able to make edits to individual member's shipments, process the club package manually in bulk, for a single member, or on the automatically on the auto-process date. 
  • Archive: A Package with an Archived Status will be removed from your frontend site, and Customers will no longer be able to interact with it. It is encouraged to archive a Package within a month of processing - or as soon as no new members will be added to it.
    • Will archived Packages be charged?
      Packages that have been archived (but not charged), will not process.
    • When a Package is archived, does that mean that paid Orders will no longer be available to pick up?
      Orders are separate from the Package. Paid Club Orders will remain in 'awaiting fulfillment' status (in the Orders list) even after the Package is archived.

Note: You cannot switch a package from Active back to Planning Mode. So be sure you are ready before making the package Active! 

Making the package active

  1. Click the yellow Planning Mode button.

    add club package 1-1
  2. Click Make Package Active.

    make active or archive-1
  3. A window will pop up confirming that you want to make the package active. 
  4. Click Make Package Active
  5. Now that your package is active:
    1. Members can see and interact with the package online (if your settings allow it).
    2. Admins can edit individual shipments for members, including adding shipment products, adding products outside of the shipment, editing product prices, shipping, etc.
    3. Admins can process shipments individually, in bulk, or the automatically once it reaches the Auto-Process date you set.

Archiving the package

Once you are completely done with the package, you can archive it. This will remove it from your list but keep it for historical purposes. No shipments will or can be processed in the club package if it is archived.

  1. Click the green Active button at the top right of the club package.
  2. From the dropdown, click Archive Package
  3. A window will appear to confirm. 
  4. Click Archive Package

Tip: Archived packages are hidden from the club package list page, but you can adjust the filters on the page to view them at any time.

Managing your members' shipments

Once your club package is created, you'll see all of your current club members added to the "Shipments" page. A club shipment for each member is created based on your club package settings.

step 2 see shipments-1
If a NEW Club Member joins after the Package has been created, they will be automatically included in the list if the Package is in either the 'Planning' or 'Active' status.

You will also be able to add new Club Members after the auto-process date has passed as long as the Package is still 'Active'. You will see an alert on the Package with an option to add the new Member. (This is a handy option when you don't want them to have to wait until the next shipment).
Screen Shot 2024-06-05 at 12.39.31 PM

Please be aware that you may see cancelled memberships in the package. This occurs if a membership is cancelled after the club package is created. (To allow you to keep track club package numbers, we avoid increasing or decreasing the number of people included in a shipment after it's been created.) Don't worry. they will not be processed,  receive communications, or be able to see the shipment online.

It's also possible to see scenarios where you see double Memberships for same Customer (cancelled and active). We recommend to view the Customer profile > Club Memberships to get a better view of what has occurred in their Membership.



There are several ways to filter the shipments to isolate your data and find the ones that you're looking for. You can simply use the filters to view member shipments, or you can use your filtered results to then export or process that specific list of members.

  1. Main filters
    Clicking these filters automatically applies some of the more commonly used filters. Any filter can also be manually added under the "More Filters" dropdown to the right of the search.

    main filter

    Options: All, Pending, Pending with Issues, Skipped, Completed
  2. More Filters dropdown
    Clicking "More Filters" gives you a list of all of your available ways to filter your list of club shipments.
    Screen Shot 2023-03-31 at 5.05.16 PM
    1. Build Status: Learn more about the build status here.
    2. Membership Status: Filter by 'Active' or 'Cancelled'.
    3. Club Package (Only available when viewing shipments from the Club Shipments page.)
    4. Payment Status
    5. Order Delivery Method: By pickup or shipping
    6. Ship State: By the customer's shipping state on their shipment/membership
    7. Has Issues: If the shipment has an error
    8. Has Flags: If their membership has a flag
    9. Tag: By manual club membership tags


You can either export a full list of your members or first filter by the list using the instructions above. When you're ready, click Actions > Export Club Member Shipments.

actions - export




Editing or viewing an individual shipment

  1. Click anywhere on the member's shipment row or click Edit.  This will take you to their individual Edit Club Shipment screen.Screen Shot 2023-01-10 at 11.58.05 AM
  2. Here, you'll see the Billing, Shipping and Payment information from the club members can be edited, or you can click to view their full membership details.

    Screen Shot 2023-01-19 at 10.21.01 AM
  3. Below that you'll see a preview for their shipment. If the club package is active or set to "User Can Choose", you'll be able to manually edit products (including the price) and the shipping method for this shipment. edit individual
    1. You have the option to search for and add a different product from the current Club Package. Alternatively, you have the option to search from all Products.
      Screen Shot 2024-04-02 at 4.16.17 PM
    2. When editing a club shipment, it must follow the club package minimum requirements at all times. If you have a minimum quantity or minimum subtotal set, the package must abide by those rules. (For example, if the club package has a minimum quantity of 4, and the shipment has exactly 4 products, if you want to remove a product, you must first add a new product so that their package, and then remove the extra.)
  4. At the top of the shipment or from the shipment list page, you'll have the option to Skip Shipment. This keeps their shipment in the list, but the package will be marked as "Skipped" and cannot be processed manually or on the auto-process date. Screen Shot 2023-01-10 at 4.10.46 PM If their shipment has already been skipped either by an Admin or online, that will be reflected here and you'll see the option to "Unskip" instead. The Skip/Unskip option will be available up until the Package is processed.
  5. If the package is active, the last option you'll see is to Process Shipment. This will process the individual shipment only and leave the rest of the list and members as they are. 




Managing inventory used for club packages

  1. On the Club Shipments or Club Packages page, click on Inventory Estimates
    inv estimates
  2. This screen will give you an overview of inventory that will be needed to fulfill all of your unprocessed club packages / shipments. Products that are either included in the main club package settings or just added to a specific member's shipment will be listed here. (Note: You will also see inventory required for any "On Hold" members that are currently in club packages in case their hold ends before the auto-process date. They will never be processed if their hold is still active when the shipment is being processed, but they will be processed if their hold ends before the auto-process date.)
  3. You can filter to view inventory required for only a specific Club Package or Shipment Status.

    Screen Shot 2023-01-10 at 12.17.08 PM
  4. For an individual product, in the actions menu, you'll see an option for Make Unavailable.
    The number that's listed for club packages will either display the number of all club packages that contain that product OR "1" if you're currently filtered to only view products for a single club package.
    make avail in 1 package
    This is connected to the Available on Web toggle that you see for products in an individual club package.
    If the action is clicked, the "Available for Web" toggle will be turned to "Off" for this product in your club package settings. This means that it will not display for club members when they view their shipment online if they don't already have it selected. If they already have it selected, they'll be able to see the product, but they cannot increase the quantity of that product in their shipment.

Do you have Bundles in your Package? If you have a Bundle(s) as an item in your club package, the "Required Qty" and "Available for Sale" counts will be 0 since it's based on the inventory count of the items within the Bundle. We recommend keeping an eye out on the lowest inventory item within the Bundle.

Swapping items in a club package

Running low on inventory, but you're mid-processing? No problem! Use this feature to swap/exchange out an item in all unprocessed shipments.

  1. In your club package, click Edit on the item you want to swap.
    click edit on item
  2. A window will open for that product. If the product is not in any club shipments, you can just remove the product by clicking Remove Item at the bottom left. If members have already selected it, click Swap Item at the top right.

    swap item button

  3. Here you can see how many unprocessed shipments have the original product selected (in this case, 3). Search and choose the item you'd like to exchange it for.

    search and swap
  4. Then click Swap Item to confirm.
  5. All unprocessed shipments that the original product, will now have the new product instead. You'll also see in the product list what the original product was.

    resulting swap




      Processing your Club Package

      All members in a Club Package will be automatically processed on the Auto Process Date that you've set, but you can manually process Members before that date arrives, both individually, or in bulk. Members who have skipped their package or are on hold or cancelled, will be skipped automatically.


      All members who have not been processed and have not skipped their packages, will be automatically processed on the date that you entered under Auto-Process Date in your club package settings.

      Members will be processed at 12:00 a.m. local winery time. For example, If you set an "Auto Process Date" of May 1, 2023, the package will automatically process all unprocessed members at 12:00 a.m. on May 1, 2023. 

      Both Club Members and Admins can make edits to a Club Package until 11:59 pm the day before the auto process date. (In the example, this would be until 11:59pm on April 30, 2023.)

      Learn more about club auto-processing here.

      Manually Processing Members

      1. If you want to manually process Members before the auto-process date, click on Shipments.
      2. Before processing, you can choose if you want to filter down your list to only process a specific group of members. Click More Filters to see the available options. (This is what you would use if you wanted to process Ship or Pickup members separately.)
      3. When you're ready, click ActionsProcess
        Members who are on hold, cancelled, or have skipped their packages will automatically be excluded and cannot be processed.

      4. A modal will open where you can see how many Members will be processed. If you've filtered down or searched in your list of Members, you can choose if you want to only Process Current Search or Process All Club Member Shipments.
        This will not include members who have skipped their shipment, have already been processed, or do not currently have active memberships.

        Screen Shot 2023-01-10 at 3.22.51 PM
      5. Click the Process Club Member Shipments button. This will turn all of the selected club shipments into completed orders and charge each member's card. You can see your new club orders under Store > Orders.

      If a Member's Club shipment has an issue and couldn't be processed, you'll see an error message displayed in the Member list.


      Managing all club shipments

      Here you can see the club shipments from across all of your traditional club packages that are either active or in planning.

      Once your club packages are created, instead of managing your club shipments individually the full list allows you to export, filter, and manually bulk process for multiple clubs at a time. You can do everything from this page that you can within your individual club packages. 

      Screen Shot 2023-03-31 at 5.25.11 PM

      If you need to look up a member's shipment and you're not sure what club they're in, you can easily search for them on this page without having to find the specific club package first. 

      Available filters:

      1. Search by Package Shipment Status
        Screen Shot 2023-03-31 at 5.28.10 PM
      2. Search by Member Name
        Screen Shot 2023-03-31 at 5.23.15 PM
      3. Search by Shipment StatusScreen Shot 2023-03-31 at 5.21.52 PM
      4. Search by More Filters
        Screen Shot 2023-03-31 at 5.20.00 PM
      5. Once filtered, you can Export or Process in bulk
        Screen Shot 2023-01-13 at 4.39.41 PM

      Identifying Quarantined Orders (ShipCompliant Customers)

      Once the Club Orders are created, you will likely have a few that go into a Quarantined status due to compliance issues. Here's how you can easily find those:

      1. Go to the Store > Orders screen.
      2. Under the More Filters dropdown, choose Compliance Status.

      3. Check the Quarantined box and click Apply Filter.
      4. Go to the same More Filters dropdown, choose Channel.

      5. Check the Club box and click Apply Filter.
      6. You'll now see that both filters are applying. 

      7. Now you can either click into each Order to view/resolve the issue, or you can export the Orders by clicking on the Actions tab and choosing to Export Orders.
        Screen Shot 2023-04-03 at 12.42.36 PM


      If you need to learn about Quarantined Orders and how to resolve them, click here.

      How are Declines Handled?

      Commerce7 sends an automatic notification letting Members know that their card has declined - and prompts them to update the card on file.

      • For all Payment Gateways: When the Member or Admin updates a card, ANY ACTIVE SHIPMENTS (including Packages from past Club releases) will be automatically reprocessed.  For this reason, we recommend ARCHIVING old Packages, as archived Packages cannot be charged. 

      • We will attempt reprocessing with the updated card one time. If it fails again, you will need to manually reprocess the updated card. Learn all about how to do that here.



      • What does the processing error "Shipping service is not available to this shipTo address" mean?
        This means that a customer has a preferred shipping service/method on their membership and the exact service level that was originally selected is no longer available for the shipping zone that they are in.

        This could happen if the service level was removed, their shipping address changed (also changing their zone), or your zone configuration changed and their state is now in a different zone. (As an example, even if you have the same type of service level available in multiple zones, if the customer changed zones, you'll need to select the service level for their new zone.)

        To resolve the error, update their preferred shipping service or update their membership to use the default shipping service instead.

      • What happens if a Member Cancels their Membership after you've created a Package for them?
        If any Club Memberships are cancelled after the Club Package is created, they are filtered out by default and can be viewed under the "Cancelled" tab.
      • Will archived Packages be charged?
        Packages that have been archived (but not charged), will not process.
      • When a Package is archived, does that mean that paid Orders will no longer be available to pick up?
        Orders are separate from the Package. Paid Club Orders will remain in 'awaiting fulfillment' status (in the Orders list) even after the Package is archived.
      • When are new Club Members automatically added/not added to a Club Package? 
        • Package is in Planning Mode
          • Any new Members added to a club while the Package is in Planning Mode will be added once the Package is made Active.
        • Package is Active and not yet auto-processed
          • Member signs up online - Member is automatically added to Package.
          • Staff signs them up in admin - Member needs to be manually added to Package.
          • Staff signs them up from POS Cart:
            • Checked box to mark POS cart as first shipment: Member is automatically added and shipment is marked completed.
            • Did not check box to mark POS cart as first shipment: Member is automatically added to Package.
        • Package is Active and is auto-processed
          • Member needs to be manually added to the Package.
        • Package is archived
          • Member cannot be added to Package.
        • What time of day are the 2-Week and 2-Day emails sent to Members?
          • They are sent at 8am local winery time and then queue according to the size of the Clubs.