Stacking Discounts with Promotion Sets

The system will always give the customer the best available discount, but if you want multiple discounts to apply to an order at once, then the promotions and coupons have to be put in a Promotion Set. 

When multiple discounts are in a Promotion Set, they still need to qualify for all of the discount requirements. When one applies, it does not automatically apply the other; a promotion set means that they can be applied together. 

  1. Go to Store > Promotions
  2. Make sure that your separate coupons and/or promotions are created
  3. Click the Promotion Sets tab, then Add Promotion Set

  4. Give the promotion set a Title. This title is not customer facing.
  5. Under the Promotions or Coupons tabs, search for any coupons or promotions that you want to apply together. 

For more detail on how Promotions and Coupons work, please review our documentation on Creating Promotions in Commerce7 and Creating Coupons in Commerce7