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Can I add club memberships after the "Auto Process Date" has passed?

In some cases, you might have a member or members signup after the club auto process date has passed, but you still want them to send them the most recent club package.

In Commerce7, we allow you to add members to a club package after an auto process date has passed.

Note: Both club members and admins can make edits to a club package until 11:59pm the day before the auto process date you set in step 1. New club members will not be able to view and adjust their package if they are added after the auto process date. The admin has to adjust and manually process their package. 

  1. To add a member or members to a package after the auto process date, simply click on Step 3:Members of the package setup
  2. Click View potential members to add to this package

  3. A new window will open with a list of members for you to review. At this point, you can either select individual members and process them, or add all members in the list to the package.

Note: You can page through all the additional members but you can only select 50 memberships at a time.