Campaigns Overview

This article is an overview of Commerce7 Campaign functionality including a video tutorial.

At Commerce7, we believe email marketing is important to your DTC business. It creates a channel to promote your products and creates an opportunity to build customer relationships and loyalty. When used correctly, email marketing should be driving between 20-30% of your total revenue. Email marketing can help grow customer engagement when you use personalized, meaningful messages and avoid spamming your customers. While there are more robust apps like Mailchimp and Klayvio, Commerce7's Campaign tool allows you to market to your customers directly inside of Commerce7 and is a great way to get started.




When creating a campaign, there are four pre-built templates and one "Build Your Own" template to choose from. Each pre-built template has a collection of content blocks pre-added for you to accomplish a specific goal. You can simply edit the pre-added content blocks, but you also have the option to add additional blocks or remove some of the existing ones. If you want to start completely from scratch, choose the "Build Your Own" template option. 

Up-front product pricing & discounts

When creating a campaign, a pre-created coupon can be applied to a button or a product. This will allows you to showcase a product discount to all customers that qualify. When the button is clicked, the coupon will be automatically applied for customers as long as they qualify. 

Sending campaigns

Campaigns can be sent to any Customer Tag that you have set up in Commerce7. You can either send a campaign right away or schedule it to be sent at a future date and time.

Campaigns will sent in progressive batches to ensure emails are trusted and not bouncing. As emails are flagged as trusted the batches increase in size and send at a faster rate.

Tracking & reporting 

Each campaign will track total sends, open, clicks, revenue generated, spam, unsubscribes, and bounces.

Tracking and statistics can be reviewed under each campaign after it's executed. You can also export this data.


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Please note that the "Campaigns" area has seen some updates since this demo so there will be some differences with what you see. The overall functionality of Campaigns is the same so it's still helpful to understand the overview of how they work.