Campaigns Overview

This article is an overview of Commerce7 Campaign functionality including a video demonstration.

At Commerce7 we believe email marketing is important to your DTC business. It creates a channel to promote your products and creates an opportunity to build customer relationships and loyalty. When used correctly, email marketing should be driving between 20-30% of your total revenue. Email marketing can help grow customer engagement when you use personalized, meaningful messages and avoid spamming your customers. 

Campaigns can be found under Marketing > Campaigns in your Commerce7 dashboard.

Below is an overview of features and functionality of Commerce7 Campaigns. For full documentation on creating a new campaign, click here. 


Email templates

There are four pre-built email templates and one blank template to choose from when setting up a campaign.  This ensures your emails are clean, clear and consistent with your brand.

The templates will automatically pull your logo, fonts, colours and contact information from the Settings > General section of Commerce7.

All templates Include editing functionality such as adding or removing content blocks, editing text, adding coupons, adding products etc.

For more information on how to edit a specific template, click here

Designers cannot edit or create custom email templates within Campaigns. 

Up-front product pricing & discounts

When creating a campaign, a coupon block can be edited or added to bring in a pre-created coupon from your store. This will allows you to showcase a product discount to all customers that qualify. For more information on adding discounts to campaign emails, click here.


Sending campaigns

Campaigns allow you to send emails to specific Customer Tags you have setup in Commerce7. 

You can either send a campaign right away or schedule it to be sent at a future date and time. 

All campaigns require a test email to be sent prior to sending the campaign to the entire list of customers. For more information on scheduling and sending campaigns, click here.

Batch Sending

Campaigns will sent in progressive batches to ensure emails are trusted and not bouncing. As emails are flagged as trusted the batches increase in size and send at a faster rate. For more information, click here. 

Tracking & reporting 

Each campaign will track the following stats;

  • Total sends
  • Opens
  • Clicks
  • Revenue
  • Spam
  • Unsubscribes
  • Bounces

Tracking and statistics can be reviewed under each campaign after it's executed. You can also export this data. For more information, click here



Campaigns Demo