Campaign Batch Sends

Learn how campaign emails are sent, what statuses mean and how to deal with blocked campaigns.

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If you haven't already, you should first read about creating and sending campaigns



Processing status

After clicking send on your email, your campaign will be in one of the following processing statuses;

  • Draft: The email has not yet been sent.
  • Processing: Your campaign is in the process of batch sending emails to your customers.
  • Executed: All batches have sent successfully. You can now review the stats related to this campaign. Learn more about campaign stats. 
  • Blocked: The campaign has been blocked and future email batches have been cancelled and will not send. 


Email batching

How it works

Campaigns will sent in progressive batches to ensure emails are "trusted" and not bouncing. As more email addresses are flagged as trusted, the batches increase in size and send at a faster rate. 

When the campaign is being sent:
  1. If the percentage of untrusted or bounced customers is low, the system will continue through each batch until the campaign is sent to all contacts.
  2. If the percentage of untrusted or bounced customers is too high, the campaign will get blocked and stop sending. Learn more about blocked campaigns.
In order for an email address to be trusted, an action must be taken by the customer such as opening the email. If a customer doesn't open an email within 4 hours of receiving it, the email address is not considered trusted.

As you create and send more emails to your customers and their email addresses are flagged as "trusted", the time between batches will get faster. (The time between batches is based on the percentage of customer email addresses that are flagged as trusted.) 

Checking the batches

Look under the "Sending Status" section to see the batches your email will send in with the following:

  • Number of total batches
  • Date and time each batch will send
  • Number of emails that will be sent within the batch 

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To cancel an upcoming batch click Cancel Sending. This will stop the remaining batches from sending.



Blocked campaigns

A campaign is blocked when there is not enough trusted emails in the batch. Learn more about trusted emails in batch sends here.

Fixing blocked campaigns

Blocked campaigns will be marked with a red notification across the top with the reason. The most common reasons a campaign will be blocked is too many bounces or too few opens. Learn more about blocked campaigns and how to fix them here

Admin notifications

Admins have the option to receive a system notification when a campaign is blocked that will include a link to the blocked campaign, the title of the campaign and the reason for the block. You can then rectify the issue(s). (You can turn on this admin notification under Settings > Notifications.)

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  • Why does my campaign sometimes send in 1 batch and other times in 3 batches?
    If the customer tag you’re sending to has 50 customers or less, the email will be sent in 1 batch. For customer tags with greater than 50 customers, the email will be sent in 3 batches.
  • What’s the difference between a trusted vs. untrusted campaign?
    A trusted campaign means that 50% or more of the emails within the customer tag you are emailing, are marked as trusted.
  • How does trust affect campaign sending?
    If a campaign is trusted, it will send each batch within 15 minutes of each other. If a campaign is not trusted, it will send each batch with a minimum 4 hour delay, and only between the hours of 8am-5pm (in the time zone specified under Settings > General).

    This means that if a campaign is scheduled at 2pm, the next batch will be scheduled for 8am the next day instead of 6pm (as it falls outside the allowed time range).
  • What determines if a customer is trusted or not?
    Actions that mark the customer as “real” like placing an order, signing up for a club, opening or clicking emails, can mark them as trusted. 
  • My campaign is blocked, what do I do?
    When a campaign is blocked, you will be sent a system notification including a link to the blocked campaign, the title and the reason for the block. You can then rectify the issue(s). For more information on System Notifications, click here.

    Since campaign cannot be resent, we recommend duplicating the campaign, making any necessary changes and then scheduling the campaign to send again.