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Point of Sale (POS) Hardware (Card Readers, Terminals, Devices) - Purchase, Lease & Returns

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Commerce7 POS

The Commerce7 POS works on any device with a browser. This means that you can use it on your smartphone (like an iphone or android), on a tablet (like a iPad), or on a regular desktop or laptop computer. 

Note: To use Commerce7 POS your iPad must be able to run the latest IOS version.

Integrated payment terminals

There are specific payment terminals we integrate with. A lot of thought goes into devices we choose to work with. Any terminals we integrate with have EMV capability, and support modern payment options. The gateways and terminals available to you will depend on the country you're based out of.

Commerce7 Payments hardware (US clients)

All devices must be purchased through Commerce7.

Step 1: IMPORTANT!  Review the Return and Exchanges terms here.

Step 2:  Once you have reviewed the Returns and Exchanges terms, please Fill out this form. Once submitted, the C7 team will place your order for you.

 *Prices do not include shipping charges. 

Quick Reference for what's available:

  tDynamo Move5000 Lane 3000
Region US US US
Processor C7 Payments C7 Payments C7 Payments
Add Tips on Device No Yes Yes
Operating System iOS and Android connect via wireless Bluetooth. Windows connects via wired USB. No MacOS. iOS or Android or Windows or macOS iOS or Android or Windows or macOS
Screen & key pad on device No Yes Yes
Integrated thermal printer No Yes No

Mobile Payments

Yes Yes Yes
Rental Price

$14.99 / month (both include the monthly software fee + has lifetime warranty)

$18.99 / month

$14.99 / month

Purchase Price

$323 + $3.99 monthly software fee each (one year warranty)

$623 each

$473 each

Available Accessories

Protective Otterbox Learn more here.

Charging Cradle available for $69 per Cradle N/A

Accept GooglePay and ApplePay

Yes Yes Yes
Tap Swipe Insert Functionality Yes Yes Yes

Connection via   (Wired vs. Wireless)

iOS and Android connect via wireless Bluetooth. Windows connects via wired USB  WiFi (Wireless) Ethernet (Wired)
Use-case Scenarios You have tablet(s) and would like to walk around with the device and take payments tableside. (Note: Best practice is to have one tDynamo per one device). You want a wireless option that you can bring to the Customer tableside, but still have the tip window on the device. (You can have multiples of these devices and send transactions from any POS device to any of the EMV devices). You have a set register with ethernet connectivity nearby.
Detailed Pages for each Option Click for more: tDynamo Click for more: Move 5000 Click for more: Lane 3000
Detailed Setup Instructions Setup Steps: tDynamo Setup Steps: Move 5000 Setup Steps: Lane 3000

Returns/Exchanges/Replacements of Commerce7 Payments Hardware

The below is a simplified summary. Please refer to your Sub-merchant Processing Agreement for details. Found on page 20 - Exhibit A. You can download a copy of your sub-merchant agreement in the application portal. 

  • Purchased Hardware:

    • Purchases have a one year warranty (detailed below):
      • Provider gives a one (1) year warranty, starting on the date of shipment, that the Hardware will be free from errors in workmanship - or defects in materials. (Please refer to sub-merchant agreement for specifications on approved causes for terminal replacements)
      • If the Merchant returns Hardware which it bought from Provider
        within forty-five (45) days of purchase in original condition and never used or opened, provider will credit the Merchant the purchase price less a restocking fee of $150.
      • Provider cannot accept Hardware for credit after 45 days of the date of shipment to the Merchant or if the device packaging has been opened.
      • Can the Merchant swap a purchased device for different one?  No. Instead, the Merchant would return the existing device (provided that the return follows the rules above) - and then order a different device.
  • Leased Hardware:

    • Initial Leases are for (1) year and renew 90 days before the end of the lease period on an annual basis. Ex. Lease begins January 1st 2023, you must notify provider by October 1st 2023 that you wish to terminate the lease agreement (90 days notice). 
    • If a Merchant requests new hardware (outside of inoperability/warranty), a new lease or purchase agreement must be entered.
    • If a Merchant wishes to end an existing lease, they must provide notification 90 days prior to the end of the existing lease to prevent any further fees. At that point, they may enter a new processing/lease agreement.
    • Leased devices have a lifetime warranty. 
    • Can the Merchant swap a leased device for different one? No. Instead, the Merchant would be charged the remainder of the existing lease - and a new lease agreement would be entered into for a different device.

Stripe hardware (Canadian, Australian and New Zealand clients)


  • Price: $300-$400 
  • Additional specs and purchasing instructions available here.

    ThumbzUp Hardware (South African Clients)

    Who is eligible?

    ThumbzUp devices are currently only available in South Africa - and are compatible with PayGate or PayStack payment providers.

    Learn more and apply here.

    thumbzup devices copy

    Other countries

    If your business is based out of a country not listed above, please contact zach@commerce7.com for device options.


    Other POS Hardware

    Please note that Commerce7 does not provide customer support for external hardware.

    Please only purchase the printer, barcode scanner and cash drawer from the source linked below. There are many fake/knock off devices on Amazon and we only recommend the following site.