Ingenico Move 5000 Wireless Terminal Setup

Follow these steps to get up and running with your Move 5000 payment terminal.

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Note the following Network Requirements:

  1. Allow outbound https port 443 traffic to
  2. Allow TCP/IP traffic to port 9001 of
  3. Minimum Internet Speed recommendation of 5Mbps 
    ** Most standard consumer or business firewalls permit all outbound traffic as a default. If you have a managed firewall or enterprise firewall you need to ensure the ports above are enabled for outbound traffic.

Note: Printing receipts is currently not supported on the Move 5000 integrated receipt printer.


Configuring Wifi

  1. Turn on or Reboot the Terminal.
     - Turn on with the green button - hold 2 seconds.
     - Reboot press and hold the # key and yellow key simultaneously until chirp, will reboot if plugged into power, or shutoff if on battery.
  2. When the Terminal is at the home screen (where it says FullSteam):
    - Press 0001 on the keypad to open the Admin Menu
  3. Press 3 - WIFI Parameters
  4. Press 2 - Scan Networks
  5. Touch the screen to select your Wifi Network
  6. Enter the Wifi Password and press the green key.
  7. You will be take back to the home screen and it will take a minute for the Wifi connection to complete, you will see the Wifi symbol in the top left of the screen turn orange while connecting then green when connected.
  8. An Activation Code will then be presented on the screen of the terminal.

    Note: If no Activation Code has been shown after a few minutes, reboot device by simultaneously pressing the yellow key and # key. Confirm that the Wifi symbol in the upper left is green showing you are connected. 

Removing a Network Profile (Wifi Access Point)

  1. When the terminal is at the home screen (where it says FullSteam): 
    - Press 0001 on the keypad to open the Admin Menu
  2. Press 3 - My Networks
  3. Press Delete all (On the screen)
  4. Now all Wifi profiles are deleted, you can follow the steps above to connect to Wifi.



Activating the Terminal 

  1. In Commerce7 under Settings > POS Profiles, select a Profile
  2. Scroll down to Chip & Pin Devices and click Configure Device
  3. Clicking the button will take you to Merchant Track > Terminals > Activate. Enter the activation code that you received from the device Wifi configuration above and click Activate.

  4. Copy the Terminal ID as you will need to enter this into Commerce7. (The Terminal ID in the screen shot is 194).

  5. Go back to your Commerce7 POS Profile (click back in your browser)
  6. Under Chip & Pin Devices, enter the Terminal ID(s). The Title is the name that is displayed in the POS when selecting the Terminal.
  7. If you have more than 1 Terminal to enter, click the Add Device button to enter additional Terminal IDs.
  8. Wait a few minutes for your device to complete configuration. It may reboot durning this process.  When it goes to the "FULLSTEAM" screen it's ready to accept payments.



Sending transactions to the Move 5000

Once you have the Ingenico Move 5000 setup, when you select charge order on the on the POS you should see Process with Commerce7 Payments as a tender option. 

Select Process with Commerce7 Payments to send the transaction to the Terminal to complete the transaction. 

Currently, if you are integrated with both Commerce7 Payments and Stripe you will see the option to Process with Stripe but this will not send the transaction to the Terminal. Process with Commerce7 Payments has to be selected to send the transaction to the Terminal. 


Extra Tips:

  • When needing to go back a previous screen, Press red key to go back.
  • If the device is plugged in, it will turn on automatically.