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Cash Drawer

Commerce7 is integrated with the APG Vasario Cash Drawer. The cash drawer must be used with the Epson receipt printer (either Cloud or Local). Note: The cash drawer is not compatible with the Star printer.

Using the cash drawer

Using this integration, the cash drawer will automatically open simultaneously when the receipt prints during a cash transaction. To set up the cash drawer, simply plug it directly into the Epson receipt printer. Click here for steps to set up the Epson Receipt Printer.

To use the cash drawer:

  1. Place an order on the POS
  2. Click Charge Order
  3. Select the Alternate Tender > Cash Tender
  4. When the receipt prints, the cash drawer will simultaneously open within 30 seconds and will only open when a receipt is printed.

Purchasing the Cash Drawer

We only recommend purchasing it from the source listed here as there are many fake/knock off devices on Amazon.

Purchase the Cash Drawer here: POSGuys.com