Available Terminals

Ordering Stripe Terminals (Card Readers)

Commerce7 POS supports Stripe BBPOS WisePOS E (Terminal).

Main Features

  • Battery or plug-in operation
  • Android-based operating system
  • End-to-end-encryption (P2PE will soon be available as an optional, paid feature)
  • WiFi and Ethernet connectivity (Ethernet connectivity requires an optional dock)
  • Support for chip, contactless, and swipe payments

Ordering the Terminal

  1. Purchase theB BPOS WisePOS E Card Reader from with-in the Stripe Dashboard
  2. Choose the shipping method, Standard 6 business days, three day, two day or next business day. Orders placed after 1:00pm Pacific Time will ship the next business day.
  3. During the checkout process, put in your shipping address where the terminals should be delivered and pay by credit card.

Registering the terminal and connecting to Commerce7

After receiving the terminal follow the steps in the link below to register your terminal in Stripe and Commerce7.

Link to documentation on registering Stripe Terminal

Are cards entered via the Stripe BPOS Wise Device saved to the Customer Profiles?

No. Customer credit cards do not tokenize automatically when using a Stripe BPOS Wise Device. To store card information for a Club Membership or Customer profile, the card needs to be manually entered by Tasting Room staff or by the Customer online.