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PAX A920Pro POS Device Overview

PAX A920Pro

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PAX A920Pro FAQ's

  1. Which region is eligible for the PAX A920Pro?
  2. Which Payment Processor is able to use the PAX A920Pro?
    Fullsteam Payments
  3. Can you add tips directly on the PAX A920Pro device?
  4. Is there a screen / keypad directly on the device?
    There is no keypad, the screen is touch screen for tip selection.
  5. Is there an integrated thermal printer?
    Yes, this will print payment receipts (not itemized receipts), and only for transactions completed on the A920Pro.
  6. What is the Lease payment?
    $22.99 a month (includes the monthly software fee)
  7. What is the purchase price?
    $773 + $3.99 monthly software fee for each PAX A920Pro device
  8. Does the PAX A920Pro accept ApplePay and GooglePay?
  9. Does the PAX A920Pro have Tap, Swipe and Insert functionality?
  10. How does the PAX A920Pro connect?
  11. What's a good use-case for choosing the PAX A920Pro?
    You want a wireless option that you can bring to the Customer tableside, but still have the tip window on the device. (You can have multiples of these devices and send transactions from any POS device to any of the EMV devices).
  12. How do you set up the PAX A920Pro device once you receive it?
    Click here to view the Setup article/video.
  13. What does the workflow look like?
    Click here to see a video of how the Pax device works.
  14. Are there protective cases that can be purchased for the PAX A920Pro?
  15. Ready to Order? All devices are ordered through Commerce7. Fill out this form and our team will place the order for you.