Bevero Transition FAQ's

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General Transition Questions

Transition Support Questions

Data Migration Questions

Website Integration Questions

Hardware Questions

Commerce7 Setup Questions

Launching your Commerce7 Site Questions

General Transition Questions

Q: What is the reason for this transition? 

The transition to Commerce7 is aimed at providing our clients with an enhanced and more feature-rich experience by merging Bevero into Commerce7.

Q:  When will the transition take place? 

The Bevero to Commerce7 transition process will begin on September 1st, 2023 and is expected to conclude by January 31st, 2024. During this period, we will work closely with you to ensure a smooth transition and select the best onboarding start date for you.

Q: Will my existing data and accounts be transferred to the new platform? 

Yes, your existing data and websites will be migrated to Commerce7. Our Onboarding Specialists will guide you through this process to ensure the seamless transfer of your information.

Q: When will I start using Commerce7?

It is important that you continue to use Bevero until your migration is complete.  

Expect the onboarding process to take about four weeks. After we have successfully migrated all of your data and credit cards, ensured that your new website integration is ready, and you have completed all the tasks mentioned in the Setup Guide, you will be able to begin using Commerce7.

Q: Do I have to transition?

We have worked hard to develop a plan to facilitate the move of all Bevero sites to Commerce7. However, we understand that there may be challenges that could make the transition process more difficult for you. If you have any concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at

Transition Support

Q: Who can I contact for assistance during the transition? 

You will be assigned a dedicated Onboarding Specialist from both Commerce7 and Bevero, who will be your main points of contact throughout the transition process. They are here to assist you with any questions or concerns. You can reach out to for any questions.

Q: What Is the support like at Commerce7?

We have many options for support - ranging from our robust searchable Knowledge Base to Live Chat and weekend support. Learn all about Commerce7's Support here

Data Migration Questions

Q: When is my data being migrated?

We will begin migrating your data on your onboarding start date and then perform a second data migration on your launch date to ensure everything is up to date. We kindly request your assistance in reviewing your migrated data and make necessary edits.

Q: What data will be migrated for me?

  • Customers: Addresses (Billing/Shipping), Credit Card, Notes 
  • Club Memberships: Addresses- Billing/Shipping, Credit Card, Notes 
  • Club Levels
  • Products 
  • Collections
  • Order History

Q: Why am I missing Customers/Club Members?

 When you first start your onboarding process, customers and club members are brought over into Commerce7. We will do a second import of customers and club members right before you go live to transfer any customers who have been entered during the migration window. If you notice that a customer or club member who started several months ago is missing, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We will promptly investigate the issue and find a solution for you.

Q: Where are all my Discounts?

Discounts are one of the areas we were not able to directly migrate over to Commerce7. You will need to set up your discounts directly in Commerce7. Discounts are broken down into Promotions and Coupons. Learn all about Promotions and Coupons here.

Website Integration Questions

Q: How do I connect my new C7 store to my website?

A: Your dedicated Onboarding Specialist will be there to guide you through integrating your website with C7. If you choose to utilize the Storefront feature in C7, you'll find it incredibly user-friendly and easy to set up in your admin panel. We even have a helpful article/video available for you to review! Rest assured, our team is here to provide any necessary assistance with the configuration process.

Q: How do I connect my new C7 store to my website if Bevero manages both my website and my online store?

A: Your Onboarding Specialist will connect you with a website designer that will assists with both your website and online store. We will present you with details during your kick off call. You should not expect any out of pocket expenses for the transaction.

Hardware Questions

Q: I have credit card readers from Bevero, can I use those?

If you decide to utilize the Commerce7 integrated Point of Sale (POS) system, you will need to acquire C7 integrated card readers. Click here for details. We will work with you on changing your current card readers if necessary. Card Readers: iDynamo6, MX19 and iSMP4 are integrated with C7 and will not require a change.

Q: I have Bevero POS hardware, can I use it?

The Commerce7 POS works on any device with a browser. This means that you can use C7 on your smartphone (like an iphone or android), on a tablet (like an iPad), or on a regular desktop or laptop computer. 

Note: To use Commerce7 POS your iPad must be able to run the latest IOS version.

Commerce7 Setup Questions

Q: How much effort is this going to take?

You will need to select your onboarding date and book a kick off call with your Onboarding Specialist to learn about the next steps. You will have a tailored Setup Guide checklist in your C7 admin panel that you will need to complete within 4 weeks of time. Our team will take care of your data migration and assist with implementing your website. 

Q: How do I set up my Shipping Rates?

You will need to set up Shipping Rates in Commerce7 from scratch. Use a generic conversion of 3 lbs for a 750ml bottle of wine. For more information, please see this article.

Q: Where do I enter my "Pickup" shipping methods in C7?

You can easily define pickup locations in the Inventory Locations area of Commerce7. Simply mark any inventory location as a pickup location and enter the corresponding address for tax calculation purposes. See the article Inventory Locations for more information. We do not recommend making any changes to your Location prior to your final data migration. Feel free to adjust this once you are launched with Commerce7.

Q: I need to export data to my fulfillment house, how do I do that?

This export does not exist in Commerce7 - although It’s very likely that Commerce7 has a direct integration with your fulfillment house. However, if you still require a data export, we would suggest installing TreeFrog Digital's 'Custom Reports' App. In Commerce7, go to Apps & Extensions and search for 'Custom Reports'. They offer a comprehensive range of helpful reports and can even create customized reports if necessary.

Q: How does POS and Restaurant Tools work at Commerce7?

You can learn more about POS in this article and review our webinar on Restaurant Tools and learn about how to set up your food items and modifiers here.

Q: How do I manage my reservations and event tickets?

Commerce7 has a Reservation module as well as inhouse build app for Event Tickets.

Q: How is the Inventory management?

Learn more about Inventory tool in Commerce7 here.


Launching Your Commerce7 Site Questions

Q: Will there be any downtime on my website or in the admin interface while I am switching from Bevero to Commerce7?

We prioritize minimizing any potential downtime during your transition and will collaborate closely with you throughout the process. We will conduct an initial data migration and follow it up with a final data migration just before your go-live date, ensuring that all customers, club memberships, and orders are successfully transferred without any missing data.

Q: How do I launch on Commerce7?

There are many moving parts and we want to make sure we cover them all. Please reach out to with any questions. Generally speaking, there are a few key steps that need to be completed:  Make sure that your website is live with C7, ensure that you have completed the admin panel Setup Guide Checklist - and confirm that all of your data has been fully migrated into the new platform.