What Type of Customer Support is Offered?

Commerce7 offers support through email and scheduled video calls. Before emailing your question over, we do recommend taking a look through our documentation site first. You can search key words and phrases and the system will return a list of results that could answer your question and walk you through how to accomplish the task. 

If you have any question that you can't find the answer to, or if you aren't sure how to best accomplish something in platform, please email the team at support@commerce7.com and we'd be more than happy to help. If your question or issue is best reviewed via a scheduled video call, then just let our team know, and they will provide a link to their calendar to book a time for a call.

We realize you might have quite a few questions as you learn the system and we are here! Depending on our ticket volume, some questions may take a bit longer to respond to, but our typical time is 1 business day; we aim to get back to you as soon as possible!

Customer support hours

Reach us from 6am - 5pm PST (Mon-Fri)



Why we don't offer instant phone support (We offer Ad Hoc video screenshare support)

  • While we don't have a live phone line to call, you can book a video call with our team. This allows us to gather more information from you before the call so we can be best prepared. Also, the video call allows us to screenshare with you, which is effective in helping you troubleshoot your issue. 
  • Our ticketing system allows for two-way sharing of screenshots, links, and code snippets of problems you are having. This ensures everyone is on the same page and in turn helps our team pinpoint the issues faster.
  • All support tickets and conversations are stored away for easy access at all times. This allows for anyone on our team to easily pick up where another left off (in the situation where a developer or another team member needs to be looped in), therefore never having to ask you questions twice.
  • Different issues require involvement from different members of our team. Sending in tickets allows us to ensure the right person is working on a specific issue.
  • Keeping all communication in one channel allows us to remain organized and ensure all issues are accounted for and nothing is forgotten.