Setting Up Transactional Emails.

Transactional emails are emails that are automatically sent to customers after specific actions have taken place. 

Examples of actions that trigger transactional emails include:

  • A customer resetting their password.
  • A customer completing an order.
  • A customer signing up for a club. 

Any of these actions taken by a customer will prompt an automatic email. 

Note: Emails are turned off by default when setting up Commerce7. This prevents spamming your customers when adding them to the system. System emails are NOT triggered however, if you are using a data migration specialist. Data migration specialists use the 'Data Role' which prevents emails from sending while data is migrated.

You're able to customize these emails in the Commerce7 admin panel. 



Transactional emails are located in the Settings section, clicking any of the emails will open up a page to edit the email. 



In the editor, you can change the address the email is sent from, the name of the sender, and the subject line. You can also change the content within the email using the wysiwyg editor provided. 

You cannot create additional transactional emails or change what triggers a transactional email. Only the default emails/triggers are available at this time. 


Certain variables can be included in Commerce7 emails to personalize the content.

In all emails, you may include:


In select emails, you can include: