How Do Automatic Club Emails Work?

Commerce7's automated club emails are a great way to automate your club communication, making your club processing quicker and more efficient. For answers to some Frequently Asked Questions or to see some examples of the automatic club emails, click here.

Club members will be automatically sent two separate emails prior to your club process date which you have defined in your club package setup. For more information on setting up and processing a club package, please see our documentation on Setting Up and Running Club Packages

The timing of the automated club emails is pre-configured according to the following schedule;

  • 2 weeks before the process date
  • 2 days before the process date

After your club is processed, members with a declined credit card will automatically receive a third automatic club email notifying them of the credit card decline.

The content of automated club emails can be edited the same way as other system transaction emails by clicking on Settings > Transaction Emails. Simply click on the email you want to edit and edit the text to customize your message. 


In the editor you can also change the address the email is sent from, the name of the sender and the subject line. 

Note: Do not edit or remove the system variables in the email. System variables are the pieces of content located between brackets.


1. How & When are the Automated Club Emails Triggered?

The timing of the automated club emails is dependent on the process date of your club package. The process date is the date you selected in Step 1 of building your club package. 

Note: Do not change the process date in a club package after it has been set. If you change a process date on a club package, these emails WILL NOT automatically update and will continue to trigger based on the original process date of the package. 

2. Who Will Receive the Automated Club Emails?

Everyone in the club package will receive the automated club emails, including members that are on hold or have skipped an upcoming package. This is so a customers that has skipped or is on hold has an opportunity to 'unskip' or take their membership off hold and re-engage with your wine club.

Cancelled club members will not receive club emails.

Depending on the status (i.e. Active, On Hold or Skipped) the will change. For example, if the member is 'On Hold', the messaging will change offering an opportunity to take their club off hold.

Active Members:

On Hold Members:

Skip Members:

3. How do I Turn Automated Club Emails On or Off?

To turn the automated club emails on or off, return to Step 1 of the club package setup. On the right hand side of the screen, select the edit icon.

Club emails are either all turned on or all turned off. 

Note: To exclude a club member from receiving an upcoming club shipment, make sure the club member is added to the package and manually select skip on their club package.

4. How Does the Automated Credit Card Decline Email Work: 
After a club is processed all the members with a credit card decline will receive an automatic email notification. The email will include a link to their account so they can easily update their credit card information.

Note: Each time 'process' is selected on a club package, members with a declined credit card will receive the decline credit card email.

5. Can club emails be "re-sent" to all club members?  
Automatic club emails will be sent out to all club members only one time according to the 2 week and 2 day schedule. You will however, have the option to re-send these emails if you choose to. To re-send one of the automated club emails, simply click on Clubs > Packages > Step 3: Members > Click into the member's package you want to re-send > click resend. This can be done even after the process date has passed.


6. Will cancelled club members receive automatic club emails? 
No, cancelled club members will not receive automatic club emails. If a member is on hold or if they have skipped the package they will still get an email.

7. Do we get notification when a club member updates their credit card information? 

If a new credit card is added or updated, you as the admin will receive the 'new credit card' notification or 'edit credit card' notification found under Settings > Notifications. 

8. Why do people that have skipped the package or have their package on hold, get the automated club emails? 

Members who have skipped the package will still receive the automated club emails to remind them of what they are missing and give them the opportunity to un-skip that shipment.

9. Will the automated credit card decline email say why the credit card failed? i.e. expiry 

No, the details around the decline will not be provided. To view the automated credit card decline email you can click on Settings > Transaction Emails > Club Member Shipment Credit Card Decline

10. What if my package is already setup? Will these emails be automatically turned on for me? 

If you have a legacy package already setup, the automated club emails will be added but will default to 'not send.' You can choose to turn these to send if you wish.

11. Can I change the timing around the automated emails (i.e send at 1 week instead of 2 weeks etc)?

We recommend leaving the send dates as they are (i.e. 2 weeks and 2 days out); However, the system will allow you to change the date the automated emails will send. You can do this by clicking into the club package because and clicking the pencil icon above the email section on the right hand side of the screen.

12. I need to delay my club shipment - what do I do about the automated club emails?

If your emails have not been sent yet, you can change the date of the emails to accommodate the delay.