What Is The Optimal Image Size for Product Images in Commerce7?

The recommended size for product images to upload to Commerce7 is 2048 X 2048. 

Once your product image is uploaded, Commerce7 automatically optimizes the image by resizing it into seven different sizes that are populated in different places in the platform;

  • Two of the sizes  are used for the admin panel and will automatically "square" off the photo (no need to upload a square photo).
  • Four of the sizes will be used for the web, these images automatically resize proportionally.

Below are the sizes Commerce7 optimize the product images to:   

Original - untouched original

Admin Small - Size: 128 X 128

Admin Medium - Size: 350 X 350

Small - Size: 200 X 200 

Medium - Size: 600 X 600

Large - Size: 1000 X 1000

XLarge - Size: 2048 X 2048