What Is The Optimal Image Size for Product Images in Commerce7?

Optimal Pixel Dimensions for Product Images

Below are the recommended sizes for optimal results. They do not have to be exact. Just note that the larger the pixel dimensions, the better quality the images will be.

The recommended size for Product images to upload to Commerce7 is 2048 x 2048. 

  • The image does NOT need to be square.
  • The image does NOT need to be limited to these exact dimensions. Just note that the larger the pixel dimensions, the better quality the images will be.

Example: If you have a bottle shot, try to make it 2048 high by 500 wide (or whatever the aspect ratio is for your specific may be 556 or 606, etc...). See video below for cropping illustration.

Once your product image is uploaded, Commerce7 automatically optimizes the image by resizing it into seven different sizes that are populated in different places in the platform;

  • Two of the sizes  are used for the Admin panel and will automatically "square" off the photo - so don't be alarmed when you see that (and no need to upload a square photo).
  • Four of the sizes will be used for the web, these images automatically resize proportionally.
  • Transaction Email product images are set to have a maximum width of 540 pixels (regardless of image dimensions uploaded) - and this width is based on the average dimensions for bottle shots. 
    • Why do my Transaction Email product images look small?
      Because the images are set to a max width based on average bottle shot dimensions, square images do not display as well (since they don't have the same height that bottle shots typically do). Whether you are using a bottle shot or a square image, be sure that you are cropping as closely as possible so that the image is as large as it can be.
    • We would suggest cropping your image to be a max width of 540 pixels prior to upload. That way, you'll be able to see how it will display in the email. (Take a look at the video below for cropping tips).
    • Note: Images in Transaction Emails can only be added to the top or at the bottom of the email. 

Best Practices

  1. Consistency is key. Try to crop your images to the same dimensions each time. That way, they will look more uniform and balanced on your page. 
  2. Cropping is your friend. The less dead space you have, the bigger your image will appear. This is especially important with bottle shots. Crop close to the bottle as opposed having an excess of space on either side.
  3. Need a cropping tool? If you need a decent image editing application (and don't want/need to spend money on Photoshop), check out Pixlr. It's free and super easy to use.