Creating Products

Creating Products from scratch or through an API

Whether you're starting with a handful of new Products or migrating hundreds of Products from your old system, this article will guide you through the process.

In this article:

Manually creating a Product

For more in-depth instructions on how to fill out fields specific to each product type, see article links in the Product Types listed below.

  1. Under Store > Products, click Add Product
  2. Select the Type of product that you want to create
  3. After selecting the product type, you'll be brought to a new screen where you can enter all of your product information. 
  4. The required fields that you'll need to complete are Title, Variant Title, SKU, Price, and Volume (if it's a wine product).
    1. Note: When creating a SKU, you'll want to make sure that your SKU code is unique. If you try to use a single code multiple times, you will get an error message indicating "SKU is not unique".
    2. If you are selling merchandise with different sizes/colors, we recommend adding small differentiators like -S, -M, -L to the end of your product SKUs to indicate sizes/colours.
  5. Click Save Product

Duplicating existing products

If you are looking to update a vintage on an existing product, an easier alternative to manually creating a new SKU would be to duplicate an existing SKU.

  1. Open up the specific product and at the top of the page click the Duplicate button
    1. All product properties will be identical to the original except for 3: TitleSKU, Slug. These 3 properties will have the word "duplicate" appended to the text.
    2. Any promotions or coupons associated with the original product will not be associated with the duplicate. 
  2. You will immediately be brought to the new duplicate product page
  3. Make any changes, click Save Product, and you're done!


Creating products via our API's

If you have a few dozen or hundred products to create in Commerce7, you can save time by creating products using our API's. 

If you're comfortable doing this on your own, here is our API documentation - If you run into questions while creating products via the API's, email

If you are not a developer, and are not comfortable importing on your own using our API's - there are a number of 3rd party developers we'd recommend you work with. You can find them here - 


Adding, deleting, and updating products via Zapier

If you regularly add, remove, and update a large number of products, it may be helpful to integrate with Zapier. Contact for assistance setting up this integration. 


Types of products

Editing Product Types:

When editing products, if the product type is Wine, General Merchandise, or Tasting, you will have the ability to change the product type.

Note: It's not possible to change the product type for Bundles, Gift Cards, Event Tickets, and Reservations.