Creating a Rebate Product

Create a Rebate Product (credit) that can be added to an Order. Example: Crediting a Customer's tasting fee when they purchase wine.

How Rebate Products Work

Where can Rebate Products be used?

  • Admin Orders
  • POS Orders
  • Club Packages

How are Rebate Products calculated in the Order?

  • Rebate Products do not count toward calculating Coupons based on minimum quantity or dollar amounts.
  • Rebate Products cannot be discounted with a Coupon.
  • Rebate Products apply to the subtotal on an Order before taxes. Once the Rebate is applied the taxes will adjust. 

Setting up a Rebate Product

Setting up a Rebate Product

  1. Go to Store > Products > Add Product button.
  2. Select Rebate Product Type.
  3. Enter the following configurations:
    1. Title: Add the title of the product - for this example we are creating a 'Tasting Credit'.
    2. Subtitle: Not needed (this Product will not be used on the website).
    3. Teaser: Not needed (this Product will not be used on the website).
    4. Content: Not needed (this Product will not be used on the website).
    5. Photo: Upload an image for this product. (Optional - it will only be visible to Admin/POS Staff)
      Screen Shot 2024-05-16 at 4.40.12 PM
    6. Variant Title: Enter the variant Title (i.e. "Each"). 
    7. SKU: Enter the SKU (if you're integrated with ShipCompliant, your SKU in Commerce7 must match with your SKU in ShipCompliant exactly). 
    8. UPC Code: Not applicable.
    9. Price: Enter a Negative dollar value for price. In this example, tastings are $10 per.
    10.  Compare at Price: Not needed (this Product will not be used on the website).
    11. Cost of Good: Enter $0.00
    12. Tax Type: Choose General Merchandise.
    13. Weight: Enter '0'.
    14. Track Inventory: Leave toggled off.
  4. In the Right-hand Column, configure the following:
    1. Admin/POS/Club Status: Choose Available.
    2. Manual Collections: If using manual Product Collections to assign Products to Collections on POS, choose the Collection that you want your Product to be displayed on and click "Add". Note:  A Product can be displayed on multiple Collections. Learn more about Collections here.
    3. Security: Products can be secured to Club, Tags, Allocation or Loyalty Tiers. For more information about how securing a Product works, click here.
      Screen Shot 2024-05-16 at 4.04.05 PM
  5. On the Advanced Tab, configure the following:
    1. Department: Choose the Department that your Product belongs to. These are set up under Store > Departments. Learn more about Departments here.
    2. Product Template: Not needed (this Product will not be used on the website).
    3. Once you are finished select Save Product.
      Screen Shot 2024-05-16 at 4.33.19 PM
  6. Now you'll be able to add this Product to any Admin Order, POS Order or Club Package.