Using the ShipCompliant Extension / Integration

The ShipCompliant (SC) integration allows you to get real-time compliance checks and local tax rates for your Commerce7 orders. 

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How it works

The ShipCompliant integration will allow you to send orders to any partner fulfillment house integrated with ShipCompliant and will automatically update tracking numbers and fulfillment status in Commerce7 by checking ShipCompliant for updated tracking information every four hours. Once orders are fulfilled at SC (ie tracking updated on the order in SC) they will be updated in C7 as fulfilled (even if you send them as 'Payment Accepted' to SC). If the tracking update in SC exceeds 90 days for orders then you will have to manually fulfill the orders in C7.

All orders in Commerce7 will flow to ShipCompliant (except 'carry out orders' which are optional), so it's important all products are configured properly in both Commerce7 and ShipCompliant. See the steps below on Connecting Your ShipCompliant Account.

Depending on the product setup in Commerce7, some products can be configured to not flow to Fulfillment. For more information, please review the following documentation on the 'Shippable Product' checkbox and what it means.

If you are using a ShipCompliant Partner for Fulfillment, it's also important to ensure your Shipping Codes are set up properly in Commerce7.

Refunded orders also flow to ShipCompliant in order to ensure balance in your reporting. We highly recommend reviewing the documentation on how to manage refunds in SC.

Note: The Order Type sent to ShipCompliant is either 'Internet' or 'In Person'. 'In Person' includes POS Orders - and 'Internet' includes all other order channels.  The Fulfillment Type sent to ShipCompliant is either 'Club' for Club Orders or empty for all other Orders.

What flows where?

  1. Order originates in Commerce7.
  2. Commerce7 pushes the Order to ShipCompliant.
    (Gift Messages: Note that the first 1950 characters of a Gift Message are passed to ShipCompliant as a 'Gift Note').
  3. ShipCompliant pushes the Order to Fulfillment (including InHouse).
  4. Fulfillment House pushes Tracking to ShipCompliant.
  5. ShipCompliant pushes Tracking to Commerce7.

Because of these syncs, you should not add another 3rd party shipment manager service (like Shippo) into the mix.



Connecting your ShipCompliant account

This video lays out the steps for integrating your ShipCompliant account with Commerce7:



Steps for integrating your ShipCompliant account with Commerce7:

Before you get started, verify that you have your ShipCompliant account configured properly (as outlined below).

Verify that your:

  • Licenses setup and activated
  • Product SKUS setup in SC (SKUS must match in Commerce7)
    • Remember that both 'Shippable' and 'Non-Shippable' Products must be set up in ShipCompliant!

If you have questions about your SC account setup, please contact

Now let’s get your SC account connected to Commerce7!

Step 1: Navigate to Apps & Extensions in your Commerce7 dashboard and click on ShipCompliant.

Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 3.19.36 PM

Step 2: Configure your settings.

Here are what the settings mean:

  • Mode: Toggle to ‘Production’
  • Username: This is the username you set up for your webservice account in SC
  • Password: This is the password you set up for your webservice account in SC
  • Shipment Status: This is the status for the order when it hits SC. If you want orders to flow automatically to Fulfillment, choose ‘Sent to Fulfillment’ from this list. If you have questions about the Shipment Status that works best for you, contact

Not all SC Fulfillment partners are configured to have orders automatically flow, so you will want to check with your fulfillment house to confirm.

  • Order Prefix: This is optional. Could be used if you have more than one brand using the same ShipCompliant account as a way to identify orders.
  • Fulfillment House: Choose your fulfillment house from the list. Note: This list only show SC fulfillment partners.  If you have questions about whether or not your fulfillment house is a SC partner, contact
  • Carrier Pickup Locations in Checkout: Complete this if using the HAL functionality
  • Carrier Pickup Location Type: Complete this if using the HAL functionality
  • Compliance Type: If you are you using a full ship compliant account, toggle to ‘Full Compliance Check.’ If you are using a Pass Thru Account, toggle to 'Level 1 Pass Thru.'
  • Schedule task to check ShipCompliant to see if orders fulfilled: This is optional. 

Note: if you leave this task is unchecked your orders will not automatically update with tracking information from SC.

Once checked Commerce7 will check paid orders from the last 90 days. 

  • Push carry out orders to ShipCompliant: This is optional.
  • USA Taxes From: If you completed all the above steps you should toggle to ‘ShipCompliant.



Adding shipping codes

If you are using ShipCompliant, you will want to ensure you setup the appropriate carrier codes for your your shipping services under Settings > Shipping. It is extremely important the code is an EXACT match to the fulfillment option's code in ShipCompliant.

If you are unsure, contact for a list of ShipCompliant's Fulfillment Locations and Carrier/Shipping Service Codes. If you need more information on setting up shipping in Commerce7, click this link on How to Setup Shipping.

For quick reference, here are some common carrier codes you might need:

Carrier Name Service Level Code
FedEx FedEx Ground FXG
  FedEx Ground Home FGH
  FedEx 2Day FEX
  FedEx 3Day FEX3
  FedEx Priority Overnight FXP
  FedEx Standard Overnight FXO
  FedEx First Overnight FXFO
  FedEx Express Service FXE
  FedEx Express Saver FXES
  FedEx Second Day AM FEXA
  FedEx International Economy FXIE
  FedEx International First FXIF
  FedEx International Priority FXIP
  FedEx Cold Chain FEXCC
  UPS Saver UPSA
  UPS 2nd Day UP2
  UPS 2nd Day Air AM 2DM
  UPS 3Day UP3
  UPS Next Day UP1
  UPS Next Day Air UPO
  UPS Next Day Air Early AM UPA
  UPS Next Day Air Saver UPAS
  UPS Next Day Air Service UPSNS
  UPS Worldwide Expidited SM UPWEXS
  UPS Worldwide Express Plus SM UPWEXP
  UPS LTL Standard FTS
  UPS LTL Express FTX
  UPS Ground Temp Controlled CST8
  USPS Global AirMail Parcel Post UPSAPP
  USPS Media Mail USPSMM
  USPS Priority Mail USPSPM
  USPS First Class Mail USPSFCM
  USPS Express Mail USPSEM
  USPS Global Economy USPSGE
  USPS Global Priority Mail USPSGPM
  USPS Gloabl Express Mail USPSGEM
  USPS Global Express Guaranteed USPSGEG
  USPS Global AirMail Letter Post USPSGALP
DHL DHL International Express DHLIE
  DHL 2nd Day DHL2
  DHL Ground DHLG
  DHL Next Day DHLN
  DHL Same Day DHLS
GSO Golden State Overnight GSO
  GSO California Parcel Service CPS
  GSO Early Priority Service EPS
  GSO Early Saturday Service ESS
  GSO Noon Priority Service NPS
  GSO Priotity Delivery Service PDS
  GSO Saturday Delivery Service SDS
Other Other OTHER
Pick Up Pickup PIC
Custom Custom Shipping Service used to map to unique service types for certain fulfillment houses. CST1
  Custom Shipping Service used to map to unique service types for certain fulfillment houses. CST2
  Custom Shipping Service used to map to unique service types for certain fulfillment houses. CST3
  Custom Shipping Service used to map to unique service types for certain fulfillment houses. CST4
  Custom Shipping Service used to map to unique service types for certain fulfillment houses. CST5
  Custom Shipping Service used to map to unique service types for certain fulfillment houses. CST6
  Custom Shipping Service used to map to unique service types for certain fulfillment houses. CST7
  Custom Shipping Service used to map to unique service types for certain fulfillment houses. CST8
  Custom Shipping Service used to map to unique service types for certain fulfillment houses. CST9


Q: Will ShipCompliant read the requested ship date on an order?

A: Yes, the 'requested ship date' field is sent to ShipCompliant along with the order information.

Q: Do orders get updated in ShipCompliant if the order gets updated in Commerce7? (Example: A paid order gets a tracking number in Commerce7 - will this update be pushed to ShipCompliant?)

A: No, information flows the opposite way between Commerce7 and ShipCompliant. Best practice would be to update the tracking information in ShipCompliant and then Commerce7 automatically pulls that information from ShipCompliant into Commerce7. We do not push that information from Commerce7 to ShipCompliant.

Q: Can you use ShipCompliant in conjunction with other fulfillment apps?

A: No. Tracking never flows from Commerce7 to ShipCompliant which is why ShipCompliant and other fulfillment apps should not be used together.

Q: On the ShipCompliant configuration screen, there's the "Push carry out orders to ShipCompliant" checkbox. Does this apply to all orders where 'pickup' is chosen?

A: Pickup orders already go to ShipCompliant - this is specific to POS carry out orders.

Q: Once an order is marked in ShipCompliant as "Shipping status: Delivered", do we pull the shipping information back into Commerce7?

A: No. Our final fulfillment status is shipped, not delivered. Once an order is marked as shipped in ShipCompliant and tracking information syncs into Commerce7, we do not make any further updates to that order in Commerce7 from ShipCompliant.

Q: If a client changes the address on an order in ShipCompliant, will that address update in Commerce7?

A: No. We do not pull this information back into Commerce7.

Q: I have a paid ShipCompliant account. Why does Commerce7 sometimes pull rates from the free automatic rates?  
  • Two rare scenarios:
    • When ShipCompliant doesn't respond within 5 seconds.
    • When ShipCompliant errors on an address.
No action is needed on your side. This happens automatically and it switches back to the paid account tables once everything is stabilized