What does the 'Shippable Product' checkbox mean?

During the process of creating a new Product, you have the option to check off ‘Shippable Product.’ 

Screen Shot 2023-10-11 at 3.42.29 PM

Checking the box for ‘Shippable Product’ controls if the product is sent to fulfillment (if using ShipCompliant) and if a shipping cost is applied. 

  • Remember that both 'Shippable' and 'Non-Shippable' Products must be set up in ShipCompliant!

Note: Commerce7 calculates shipping by weight. The weight you have setup on the product will determine the shipping cost applied. 

Here are a few example scenarios explaining what happens when the ‘Shippable Product’ box is checked or unchecked.

Box checked on a bottle of wine: 

If the wine is 3.5 lbs, with the box is checked, then shipping is calculated on 3.5 lbs and charge the customer that fee and then it is sent to fulfillment through ShipCompliant. 

Box checked for a printed newsletter:

The printed newsletter is 0lbs, with the boxed checked, then there is no shipping cost on 0lbs and the customer will be charged $0 for shipping and then the newsletter is sent to fulfillment though ShipCompliant 

A virtual product 

Event tickets, virtual gift cards etc. don't have a shippable product checkbox because they are  setup as a virtual products. For example the event ticket is a virtual product and doesn’t have a weight, therefore there is no shipping and the event ticket is not sent to fulfillment through ShipCompliant, however, ShipCompliant will provide the taxes on the item.

Inbound orders containing only non-shippable Products will not be auto-fulfilled.