How can I find my Web Service credentials in ShipCompliant?

Here is how you can find your Web Service account or create a new Web Service account in ShipCompliant:
Step 1 - Click Settings > Users from the ShipCompliant Home tab.

Step 2 - View the list of your Users.
  • Already have a Web Service User created for Commerce7? Click 'Edit' if you don't know the password and need to change it.
  • Don't have a Web Service User created for Commerce7 yet? Click the Add User button.

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Step 3 - If you are creating a new Web Service User, fill out the fields and click the Save button. A few notes:
  • Password should be 6-12 characters and must contain an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter and a number. Do not click Save until you see the green 'strong password' indication. If you click Save with a 'weak password', the information will not save and you'll need to enter it all again.
  • The First/Last names and email do not have to be valid. These are not used anywhere except within the the app settings in Commerce7.
  • Role Type = Web Service User
  • Associated Partner = Commerce7
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Step 4 - Once you've saved it in ShipCompliant, head back into Commerce7. Navigate to Apps & Extensions > ShipCompliant.
Enter the username and password in the fields and select Save.

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