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What is Happening?

Who is Transitioning & What Are the Transition Date Details?

What Can You Expect?

A Few Common Transition FAQ's

Why Commerce7?

Commerce7's Mission, Technology & Team

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What is Happening?

Bevero and Commerce7 are joining forces through a merger.

We are excited to share a major update that will have a positive impact on our services and provide even more value to you!

We recognize that change can be difficult and may seem overwhelming, particularly when it involves transitioning systems and processes. However, we want to assure you that we are fully dedicated to ensuring a seamless transition from Bevero to Commerce7.

Who is Transitioning & What are the Transition Date Details?

Who is transitioning: All Bevero clients will be transitioning to Commerce7.

  • Transition Start Date: We will be reaching out via email to connect with you to select your Commerce7 onboarding start date. If you would like to get started sooner, please reach out to or
  • Transition Period/Onboarding Process: Over the course of four weeks, you will have the opportunity to work closely with a dedicated Onboarding Specialist from both Commerce7 and Bevero. Together, we will smoothly migrate your account, data, and website to the Commerce7 platform, ensuring minimal disruptions to your business operations. To assist you in navigating this process smoothly, you will have access to a comprehensive checklist of basic configurations that can be easily found within your Commerce7 admin panel.
  • Completion Date: The Bevero software solution will be sunsetting on January 31st, 2024. All Bevero customers will need to have successfully transitioned to the Commerce7 platform, gaining access to its full range of benefits, prior to this date.
  • Key End Date: The Bevero platform won’t be supported past January 31st 2024.

What Can you Expect?

  • Dedicated Support: We understand that you may have questions and concerns. To address this, we will be assigning dedicated Onboarding Specialists who will work closely with each and every one of our valued clients. At any time during the transition, you can reach out to
  • Smooth Transition: Our dedicated teams are working diligently to ensure a seamless integration of our systems. We will handle the migration of your data and credit card information internally, and we will make sure that your website is integrated in the best way possible. You will receive all the details regarding the four-week transition during your kick- off call with our team.
  • Continuous Communication: We will ensure that you stay updated and well-informed throughout the transition process. We will provide regular updates and maintain clear communication, so that you always have transparent expectations.
  • Minimal Disruption: We understand the importance of a smooth transition and will do everything possible to minimize any inconvenience to your operations and keep the set-up to a minimum.

Transition FAQ's

Q: What is the reason for this transition? 

The transition to Commerce7 is aimed at providing our clients with an enhanced and more feature-rich experience by merging Bevero into Commerce7.

Q:  When will the transition take place? 

The Bevero to Commerce7 transition process will begin on September 1st, 2023 and is expected to conclude by January 31st, 2024. During this period, we will work closely with you to ensure a smooth transition and select the best onboarding start date for you.

Q: Will my existing data and account be transferred to the new platform? 

Yes, your existing data and websites will be migrated to Commerce7. Our Onboarding Specialists will guide you through this process to ensure the seamless transfer of your information.

Q: How much effort is this going to take?

You will need to select your onboarding date and book a kick off call with your Onboarding Specialist to learn about the next steps. You will have a tailored Setup Guide checklist in your C7 admin panel that you will need to complete within 4 weeks of time. Our team will take care of your data migration and assist with implementing your website.

Q: Do I have to transition?

We have worked hard to develop a plan to facilitate the move of all Bevero sites to Commerce7. However, we understand that there may be challenges that could make the transition process more difficult for you. If you have any concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at

Q: When is my data being migrated?

We will begin migrating your data on your onboarding start date and then perform a second data migration on your launch date to ensure everything is up to date. We kindly request your assistance in reviewing your migrated data.

Q: What data will be migrated for me? 

Products, customers, addresses, order history, credit cards and club memberships.

Q: How do I connect my new Commerce7 store to my website?

Your dedicated Onboarding Specialist will be there to guide you through integrating your website with C7. If you choose to utilize the Storefront feature in C7, you'll find it incredibly user-friendly and easy to set up in your admin panel. We even have a helpful article/video available for you to review! Rest assured, our team is here to provide any necessary assistance with the configuration process.

Q: How do I connect my new Commerce7 store to my website if Bevero manages both my website and my online store? 

Your Onboarding Specialist will connect you with a website designer that will assists with both your website and online store. We will present you with details during your kick off call. You should not expect any out of pocket expenses for the transaction.

Q: I have credit card readers from Bevero, can I use those?

If you decide to utilize the Commerce7 integrated Point of Sale (POS) system, you will need to acquire C7 integrated card readers. Click here for details. We will work with you on changing your current card readers if necessary. Card Readers: MX19 and iSMP4 are integrated with C7 and will not require a change.

Q: What Is the support like at Commerce7?

We have many options for support - ranging from our robust searchable Knowledge Base to Live Chat and weekend support. Learn all about Commerce7's Support here

Have more questions? We have more answers. See additional Bevero transition FAQ's here

Why Commerce7?

Commerce7 is a point of sale, ecommerce, and wine club platform that is highly focused on the customer experience. Although there are some variations between the Bevero solution and Commerce7, let's explore five compelling reasons why numerous businesses have made the switch to Commerce7 in the past.

Modern Club and Ecommerce Experience:  Commerce7 offers an incredibly modern ecommerce and wine club experience. It includes features such as Apple Pay, cart carrots, customer personalization, and a streamlined checkout process, all of which can significantly boost your ecommerce conversion rate. Commerce7's wine club is renowned worldwide and caters to both small and large clubs. In fact, Commerce7 takes pride in its impressive 27% online club signup rate, demonstrating its commitment to creating a user-friendly experience for customers.

Take a look at our webinar where we break down our 2022 Data Book - and let the numbers speak for themselves. 

Integrated Website Experience:  It is likely that Commerce7 will be integrated into your primary website, allowing your current web designer to have complete control over the functionality and styling. This integration grants you greater control and enhances the overall experience for your customers.

Modern Admin Panel, Point of Sale, Marketing Campaigns and Reservations: The Commerce7 back office may not have an exact match with Bevero, but it is designed to be intuitive and powerful once you become familiar with it. You'll appreciate features like the query builder and the ability to easily switch an order from pickup to ship. The system has a strong emphasis on the customer, and your front-line staff will have a wealth of information about each customer within the POS and reservation system.

Integrations and Apps: Commerce7 is built on a cutting-edge tech stack and operates on a 100% API-based system. With a network of over 100 integrated companies and a partner network of over 800 individuals, Commerce7 provides extensive opportunities for seamless integrations. While it may not always be possible to have all features built-in, Commerce7 offers open APIs, webhooks, and developer app tools that make it easy for third-party developers to work with your data.

Continuous Improvement

Commerce7 averages 150-200 new features/updates a year (see here). New features are built regularly and bugs/issues are fixed quickly. 

Commerce7's Mission, Technology and Team

At Commerce7, we believe that above price and product, the number one reason why a consumer will choose your brand is customer experience. Customer experiences that are customer centric lead to loyalty, customer happiness, and drive sales and profit. 

Our mission at Commerce7 is to enable businesses around the world, regardless of size, to succeed by empowering them with the digital tools needed to create those customer centric shopping experiences.

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  • Want to meet the highly dedicated Commerce7 team? Click here to put the faces to the roles.

New to Commerce7? 

These videos are a great walk through to help you quickly familiarize yourself with Commerce7's features and understand what options are available to you.

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