Commerce7's Mission

Welcome to Commerce7! At Commerce7, we believe that above price and product, the number one reason why a consumer will choose your brand is customer experience. Customer experiences that are customer centric lead to loyalty, customer happiness, and drive sales and profit. 

Our mission at Commerce7 is to enable businesses around the world, regardless of size, to succeed by empowering them with the digital tools needed to create those customer centric shopping experiences.




To break it down, Commerce7 is a software as a service platform, or a SaaS platform comprised of 4 core functions:

  1. A smart point-of-sale
  2. A customer-centric club management tool
  3. An intuitive reservations system
  4. A modern ecommerce solution

To top it off, these 4 core functions are all linked to one intelligent CRM so you can get a 360 degree view of your customer’s interaction with your brand. 

Click here for a video overview of the platform.




In addition to being focused on customer-centric features, we believe in keeping our technology clean and simple to use. That’s why we are 100% API based.

Because Commerce7 is 100% API based, it’s relatively easy to connect with other systems as well as upgrade and extend the functionality if you don’t find exactly what you need. So even if it doesn’t exist out-of-the-box, you can work with a developer to literally customize C7 to meet your EXACT business needs.

As we continue to develop the software, we are always focused on our core mission of creating the most customer-centric experiences for your customers. The C7 dev centre allows our amazing third party development partners to easily work with you on building custom features, integrations and functionality that are specific to your business. 

This model of prioritizing customer-centric feature development will ultimately help you sell more and create those memorable experiences that get you brand recognition in the industry. 

To find out more about our amazing development partners, visit

To see Apps that are already available to you, click on the Apps section of your Commerce7 dashboard.