Using the Reservations Property Map.

Disclaimer: You will need a designer/developers help setting this up.

If you are a designer/developer, reach out to us in slack for an overview of how to set up the initial map. If you aren't in our slack channel, email for an invite. 

The property map gives you a daily overview of all tours and tastings occuring at your location. You can select a time from the property map slider, and view all activity taking place on your property. You'll see which locations on your property are occupied, details on the parties that are occupying them, how long they will be occupied for, and the reservation host. 



After your map has initially be set up by either Commerce7 or a third party designer/developer, anytime you create a reservation type, the default location you select for your reservation type will correlate with a location on your map. When a reservation is booked, the information will automatically populate on the map. 

Select a time on the slider, and you'll see an overview of all activity on the property at that given time. 


Different reservations will appear in their appropriate locations, and by clicking on any you can drill in to find out more information such as the number of parties and guests booked into the reservation, the duration, and the host.