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Reservation property map setup for designers/developers

  • If you are a designer/developer and have any questions about adding the property map, please reach out to us in Slack. If you aren't in our slack channel, email for an invite.
  • Check out the free and fast Reservation Map Generator developed by 5Forests. Upload your property map, add your tables, enter table codes and titles, copy the JSON code to your clipboard, paste into Commerce7.


In the Admin Panel, go to Developer > select Reservation Property Map > select Add Reservation Map


Next, give the property map a Title, which is only internal facing. The title can be the name of the location and if there are multiple property maps the titles will appear across and admin can toggle between property maps. 

Under Property Data Once the map image is uploaded, the next step is to plot where the tables are in the image. To do so, we create a JSON object as shown below:

Commerce7-Edit-Main-Hall (2)

You use the "top" and "left" keys to plot where the tables are. The values for "top" and "left" should be in percentages. In the example above, Table 1 is located 45% from the top of the image and 27.9% from the left border of the image.

Once you have plotted the tables, you want to label them. The "code" and "title" keys can be filled in with any value you like to represent these tables. In general, it's filled with the table numbers.

You will want to create a JSON object for each table you have in the Map.

Next, select Upload Image > select your floor plan image > select Upload

We would recommend cropping out any areas of the floor plan where there are no tables. The image uploaded should focus on the tables.


Creating locations with property map code

Once your tables are created, you will want to create Locations with the codes. This can be done by using the 9-dot icon to toggle to the reservation system and under Settings > Locations > Add a Location.

Commerce7 (33)-2

When adding the tables, ensure the Property Map Code field is filled in with the same exact code as the "code" key the JSON objects you have set up.