Testing Discounts

Once you have setup a new promotion or coupon, whether you are enabling your discount right away or enabling the discounts at a later date we always recommend creating an inbound cart with a customer or club member to ensure the discounts are applying the way you have intended. 

To test your discount without making it available to all customers first add yourself as a customer if you don't already have a customer profile. Then create a customer tag, for example the customer tag could be named "Discount Test" and then tag your customer profile. 

On the promotion or coupon use the drop down menu to change the Coupon Available To section to Tag and then choose your customer tag i.e. "Discount Test". Enable the discount and select Save

To create an inbound cart go to the Orders tab and select Add New Order at the top right. Add the customer with the "Discount Test" tag and now add products to the cart. 

Discounts that are applying to the cart will display on the right. You can add quantities, add and remove other products to ensure your discount is working the way you have intended. 

Commerce7 - 2020-12-04T085842.914

If your discounts are not working the way you have intended review our documentation Why Aren't my Promotions Applying a Discount? to help troubleshoot the issue. 

Once you have confirmed your discounts are applying properly you can delete the test cart and then go back to the promotion or coupon setup page and disable the discount and change Coupon Available To from your test tag and add Everyone, Tags, or Clubs.  

For more information on how to set up discounts review our documentation on Creating Promotions in Commercce7 and Creating Coupon in Commerce7