Troubleshooting: Why aren't my promotions applying?

There are a few common reasons why a Promotion would not apply a discount when you expect. Here are the most common reasons and how you can correct them:

  1. The Coupon Applies To field may be why a discount isn't applying to a particular SKU. If the Promo you want to apply has Coupon Applies To: Collections or Departments, please make sure the SKU in the cart is assigned to the correct Collection or Department in the Product section.
  2. The Coupon Available To field is another common reason for discounts not applying. If the Promo you want to apply has Coupon Available To: Club or Tag, please make sure the customer is assigned to the correct Tag or is a Club Member of the right Club. 
  3. For Promotion/Coupons that are set to trigger from Cart Requirements, you have to decide how the system will calculate these requirements under Count Which Items. For example, if you have a promo where Coupon Applies To is set to a specific SKU, when Only Selected Products is selected, we will count only that specific SKU to determine the item count.  If All Items in Cart is selected, we will count all items in the cart to determine the item count (and trigger the discount to apply or not). Misconfiguring this field may cause some discounts not to apply.
  4. Promos not included in Promotion Sets is another common reason for discount issues. Promotion Sets allows you to setup promos that will apply together if the customer qualifies for both promos. If Promos are not a part of the same Promotion Set, then only the promo that offers the higher discount (larger saving) will apply.
  5. Recent changes and caching - if your promotion isn't working after you've changed something, you may need to close your internet browser completely (or open a new internet browser) for the promotion to take affect. You need to do this because your internet browser will cache the old promotion and closing the browser will remove the cache.

If the transaction was processed on Website, it's possible that a discount failed to apply because the customer was not logged-in. In this case, the system would not be able to recognize if the customer is in a particular Tag or Club Membership to provide the discount.