Setting up tax rates (USA).

There are 4 options for setting up US tax rates in Commerce7;

Manual Tax Table 

If you choose to disable the default taxes available to you through the Free ShipCompliant tax table, you will have the option to enter taxes for the US manually, by state. We do recommend the ShipCompliant tax table for ZipCode based tax rates, but if you'd prefer to enter taxes on a state level, this option is available to you.

Basic ShipCompliant integration for taxes

By default, Commerce7 uses an integration with ShipCompliant that gets tax rates from a local tax table managed by ShipCompliant. There is no setup required by you when using this integration.

When using this integration, you can easily look up tax rates that will be applied to your orders by clicking on Settings > Taxes > United States.

Then, simply enter a zip code into the Zip Code search bar and click Submit.


The basic tax table used in this integration is managed by ShipCompliant and cannot be edited by Commerce7. 


Full ShipCompliant integration for taxes

This integration requires a paid ShipCompliant account and will pull tax rates as setup in your ShipCompliant account. 

You will need to configure your ShipCompliant integration under Apps > ShipCompliant in order to pull correct taxes from your ShipCompliant account. 

When configuring your ShipCompliant App, there will be a field called USA Taxes From. Select ShipCompliant from the drop-down in this field.


For more information on the ShipCompliant integration and how to setup your ShipCompliant App, click here.

If you are currently using the FREE basic integration and would like to switch to a full ShipCompliant account, you must first contact ShipCompliant to setup an account. You can reach out to

If there is a discrepancy in the taxes that are being charged on your orders, read this additional documentation or contact ShipCompliant support at

Avalara Tax Table

Another option is to connect an Avalara account and use their tax table, more information on their offering here.

For details on how to set this up, find our article here.

You can easily connect your account with Commerce7 through the free app in Apps & Extensions, this will enable you to pull in real time tax rates from Avalara.