Setting Up Tax Rates (USA).

There are 3 options for setting up tax rates in Commerce7. You can manually enter tax rates, you can pull tax rates from ShipCompliant, or you can pull tax rates from Compli. If you use ShipCompliant or Compli, your tax rates will be destination based. If you do not want your tax rates destination based, you will need to manually enter all tax rates. 

Manually setting up tax rates:

To manually set up tax rates, first navigate to the taxes page, then select either Canada, United States, or World. Selecting any of the following will open up a page to edit applicable taxes. 



After entering a correct tax rate(s), make sure to click the "save taxes" button. 



The rates you enter for a specific state, province, or country will be applied to a customer's order when they are shipping to that location. 

Pulling tax rates from ShipCompliant

If you have a ShipCompliant account and want to use their tax rates, simply go to the integrations section in the admin panel, click on ShipCompliant, and select ShipCompliant in the "USA Taxes From" field. 


Pulling tax rates from Compli

Compli offers real time USA tax rates to any Commerce7 customer for a $100/year fee. To take advantage of their tax rates, in the integrations section in the admin panel, click on Compli. In the "Tax Rates From" field select Compli. 



To finish activating Compli, please also fill out the following form:

If you're using Compli, the $100 charge will automatically be applied to your next bill.