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Fullsteam's Merchant Track Portal (Extended Fullsteam Payments Reporting + Virtual Terminal)

Fullsteam's Merchant Track portal allows you to access additional transactional reporting - combined with a virtual terminal. Below are some best practices and terminology.

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REFUNDING TRANSACTIONS (directly within Merchant Track)



GLOSSARY of General Merchant Track Terms (link to Fullsteam's documentation)

TRANSACTION SEARCH SCREEEN (link to Fullsteam's documentation)

Accessing Merchant Track

Note that only Admin Owner User accounts can access Merchant Track.

In Commerce7, go to Reports > Finance Reports

Screen Shot 2023-07-25 at 3.34.50 PM

Refunding Directly within Merchant Track

IMPORTANT: You should only refund directly within Merchant Track in very rare circumstances where you are unable to refund within Commerce7. 

Why? If you process a refund directly in Merchant Track, it will not be reflected in the Order within Commerce7. This can result in inaccuracies in your reporting.

  1. In the Merchant Track portal, use the Transaction Search to find the transaction that cannot be refunded within Commerce7. Filter for the charge and click the Search button.
    Screen Shot 2024-03-29 at 2.23.04 PM
  2. Click the Refund link on the right.
    image-2-2 copy-1
  3. Fill in the required Refund fields and click the Refund Transaction button.
  4. Finally, it is advisable to include an Order Note or Customer Note on the successful Order/Customer profile for a detailed record of the incident.

Refunding a Corporate Gift Order (in its entirety) directly within Merchant Track

Let's say you have a Corporate Gift Order that includes 100 individual Orders. After processing it, you discover that there are errors in the pricing or vintage, necessitating a refund and starting over. To refund the Corporate Gift Order within Commerce7, you would need to refund each Order individually. The other option is to refund directly within Merchant Track. In doing so, you can refund the entire amount at once. This is great for your Customer since they will only see the one refund (instead of 100 separate refunds).

  1. Use the Transaction Search to find the Gift Order transaction.
  2. Fill in the required Refund fields and click the Refund Transaction button.

Once you refund the entire amount with in Merchant Track you will then need to go into each individual Order in Commerce7 - and refund to 'External'. Yes, this is manual - but it will keep bookkeeping and reporting clean.

(To learn more about Corporate Gift Orders in general, click here).

Charging a Wholesale Order directly within Merchant Track's Virtual Terminal

You have the ability to charge Wholesale Orders directly within Merchant Track's Virtual Terminal. Note that while this process eliminates the Commerce7 transaction fee, you will still incur a payment gateway fee.

  1. Click the Virtual Terminal tab.
  2. Fill in all relevant card information and click the Submit button.