Refunding an Order.

Only orders that have been paid can be refunded. If an order has been paid, it can be refunded by clicking the "order refund" button located in the top right corner of an order page. If an order has already been refunded, the "order refund" button will not appear. 



Clicking the "refund order" button will take you to the refund page. Here you can edit items on the refund list. You can change the quantity of an item being refunded, or the dollar amount being refunded. 



You can also remove an item from the refund list to prevent it from being refunded with the rest of an order. 



When you are ready to complete the refund, click the "process refund" button located on the bottom of the page.



Tax can't be refunded in Commerce7. If tax was incorrectly charged it has to be refunded in the payment gateway or refund the amount off the product items to make up for the tax overcharge.