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Managing/Reviewing Booked Reservations.

Video overview of Booking and Reviewing Reservations:

Booking and Reviewing Reservations from Commerce7 on Vimeo.

This documentation includes; 

Reviewing Upcoming Reservations

Start  by selecting the 'Reservation' tab. 

Select a date on the calendar and all the reservations booked for that date will populate in a list below.

The listed reservations will give you a quick overview of each reservation with time, type of experience booked, reservation number, status of the reservation (reserved or incomplete), number of guests, name of the customer the reservation is booked under, location of the reservation, table (name or number) and check-in status. 

You also have the ability to view reservation by day and week. On the top right you have a drop down with the option of List, Day, and Week.


Filtering Your Reservations

Use the drop down field to filter your reservation search by experience, time, location and status. 

Reservations Status

If the reservation status is incomplete automatic payment will not capture. If you add the information to the reservation to make it complete, the system will automatically capture payment at 8:00 a.m. PST the following day. A reservation must have a completed status to automatically capture payment, otherwise you have to manually capture payment. 

Reservations will auto-capture payment WITHOUT a host assigned. For more details on how reservations are charged in Commerce7, please click here.

If you see Address in the status column this is indicating that there is no billing address therefore the automatic payment will not capture. You will need to click on Address and enter billing address on reservation.

Printing Reservations

Print a list of the reservation you have selected by using the print option at the top. The printed list will include the reservation information and details that are displayed in the dashboard i.e. Time, Reservation #, Status, Name, Guests, Type, Location and Host. 

Another option for a printed list of reservations is to use the Reservations Export

Editing Reservations 

When you select a reservation, you get an overview of the booking and make changes or add notes. 

Select 'Edit Location/Host' to add a host, edit table or location. Select 'Edit Reservation Info' to change the number of guests, experience, price etc. 

Select 'Edit' under the billing address to edit or select another address on file. Select 'Remove Credit Card' to change credit card information or select an alternative credit card on file. Make sure to select 'Save' after making changes. 

Commerce7 - 2020-11-23T123750.874

Once your reservation is complete, you can manually capture payment at anytime by selecting "Capture Payment".

Commerce7 - 2020-11-23T123727.454

Once payment is captured on a reservation a reservation order number is created. 

Commerce7 - 2020-11-23T123950.474

Select the order number from the reservation and you it will open the full reservation order that looks like all orders in Commerce7.

Commerce7 - 2020-11-23T124046.153

Guest 'Check In' should take place when the guest arrives to your establishment for their reservation, review how to manage guest Check Ins here. 

Searching and Exporting Reservation

You can search, filter and export all reservations by selecting search from the more actions button. 

Use the filter tool to narrow your search of reservations. Select the export option on the top and a CVS file will be emailed to you.