When are reservations automatically charged?

NEW: Reservations will now auto-capture payment WITHOUT a host assigned. For more details on how reservations are charged in Commerce7, please click here.

The system attempts to charge reservations 48 hours before the reservation time.

A reservation must be "completed" (i.e. the reservation is assigned a customer, billing address and payment type (credit card) for payment to auto-capture.

If your reservation is missing information and doesn't auto-capture payment at the 48 hr mark, you can add the missing information to the reservation and the system will try to capture payment again once a day.

If the reservation is booked less than 48 hours before the reservation time, it will capture payment in the next hour. 

NOTE: If your site is still in onboarding mode (you have not checked off all of your tasks), then the system will not automatically charge reservations.