Orders - FAQs

Fixing or Editing an Incorrect Order

Once an order has been completed in Commerce7, it is not possible to make edits to it. This limitation is in place for several reasons, which include ensuring accurate tax and compliance calculations and reporting. But you can perform partial/full Refunds or Exchanges.

You have two options: Refunding or Exchanging

REFUNDS: Learn how to perform a partial or full Refund here

EXCHANGES: Learn about Exchanges here.

What is the difference between a Refund and an Exchange?

  • Refund example: The Customer has already received a shipment and discovered they mistakenly ordered 6 bottles of Pinot Gris instead of 3 bottles of Pinot Gris + 3 bottles of Rose. Process a refund for the 3 bottles of Pinot Gris (and returning them to Inventory), then place a new Order for the Rose. 
  • Exchange example: The Customer places an online Order and notices they have mistakenly ordered too many bottles of a specific wine. They wish to exchange it, swapping Pinot Gris for Rose. The Order has not been shipped yet, so the Customer contacted the winery to exchange it for the desired number of bottles. 

Note: You will always see two Order numbers for Refunded/Exchanged transactions: 

  • Original Order with the initial transaction.
  • New Order with the Refund or Exchange transaction.