Adding a Club Membership

Most of the time you'll only need to add club memberships when you are first setting up with Commerce7. If you have an existing club, after creating it in Commerce7, you'll want to add any of your existing members. You can add members one-by-one, or you can do this by bulk import via our API's.

As with adding customers, if you're going the manual route, we recommend pouring yourself a glass of red and getting to work :)

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Club Memberships require a credit card in Commerce7. If you haven't added your payment gateway details yet, complete that step before adding memberships. If you add memberships before your payment gateway details are added, your credit cards will not be recognized when charging a card on file.



Add a Club Membership

  1. To create a club membership, first go to the Memberships page and click the Add Club Membership

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  2. Search for the Customer that you create a club membership for or click the Add New button to create a brand new customer

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  3. Whether you select an existing customer or create a new customer the shipping address, billing address and credit card on file are required to complete the club signup. If the customer has this information on file already, their accounts defaults will be selected automatically.
  4. Once all of the required information entered, you can use the drop down menu to select the Club. Then select Save Club Selection.

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    1. If you've selected a subscription club, then you'll also need to select the Next Process Date and Frequency.
      1. The Next Process Date will default to 2 days from the current date. You can edit this in the admin panel, but customers cannot edit this when signing up online.
      2. You can select a Frequency based on the options that you've set up in your subscription club
  5. Optionally add in the Gift Message and Shipping Instructions fields on the right-hand side of the page. This information is included on all club shipments.
  6. A credit card on file is required to complete the club sign up.
  7. If you don't have all the required information or want to delay the club signup select Hold Signup and all the information you entered will be saved and you can access at anytime and complete the signup. 
  8. When all information is added then click the Complete Signup button.
  9. Once you complete the sign up the new club member will receive the Club Signup Confirmation transaction email.

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Adding members via APIs

If you have a large number of club members to add, it may be easier to use our API's to speed up the process. As long as you're able to export your membership records from your previous ecommerce partner or from their current location, you will be able to import them into Commerce7 using our APIs. Alternatively, to learn about manually adding members, click here

If comfortable doing this on your own, here is our API documentation - If you run into questions while importing via the APIs, email

If you are not a developer, and are not comfortable importing on your own using our APIs, we recommend you contact one of our talented data migration specialists to help!

Something to keep in mind is that when you're importing members in Commerce7, you first need to import the customer records for your members, and your gateway and cards need to be migrated as well. If you haven't turned on your gateway, or migrated cards yet, contact for assistance. 

The migration will only upload credit cards associated to club memberships so this will be a single card per customer.