Cancelling Club Memberships

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Cancelling a Membership

  1. To cancel a club membership, start by searching for the club member under Club > Memberships
  2. Select the club member
  3. On the Summary tab, click Cancel Membership

  4. Use the dropdown menu to select a Cancellation Reason for the cancellation (this is a required field). You also have the option to include a Cancellation Comment.

    We strongly recommend entering accurate information and notes as you'll be able to report and track this information to better understand why members are cancelling.

  5. Keep Send Club Cancel Confirmation Email checked to send the transaction email called "Club Cancel Confirmation" to the customer.
  6. Click Cancel Membership to confirm the cancellation.


Removing a Cancellation

If you made an error or the club member has changed their mind, under the club membership:

  1. Click Cancel Membership to open the cancellation modal
  2. Then click Remove Cancellation 


Removing Future Cancel Dates

The feature to add a Cancel Date in the future was discontinued June 6, 2022. If already have a future "Cancel Date" added, it will still function as intended.

If you wish to remove an existing future "Cancel Date":
  1. Click Cancel Membership on the club membership to open the modal
  2. Then click Remove Cancellation.


To make cancellation occur immediately instead:

  1. Click Cancel Membership to open the modal
  2. Then Remove Cancellation to first remove the future cancel date (like above)
  3. Then click Cancel Membership again to cancel it immediately. 


For existing future Cancel Dates:

  • The club membership status will remain as "active" until 11:59 pm on the set Cancel Date. After that, the status will update and show as "cancelled".



Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I add more cancellation reasons?

    There is no way to add or edit club cancellation reason in Commerce7. The list of reasons is managed by Commerce7 and the same list displays for all our clients. We would recommend using the Cancellation Comments section for custom notes and explanations.

    We currently have: Too much wine, Financial reason, Health reason, Pregnant, Moving, Switch to another club (won't trigger cancellation email if you choose this reason), and Other.

  2. Will cancelled members be processed in my club package?
    No, cancelled club members will not be processed in your package. You don't need to manually Skip the member's package on Step 3 of the Club Package.

    Same goes for On-Hold Club Members. They will not be processed in your package.

    For more information on how to setup and process club packages, click this link. 

  3. Why am I still seeing cancelled club members in my club package?
    It depends when the package is created. If the member was added to the package already and then gets cancelled, he/she will remain on the list but will say "Membership is Not Active".

    If they were already cancelled before you created a package, they will not be pulled into the package when you create it.
    You don't need to skip the cancelled ones - they won't get processed if they have that "Not Active" red banner.