POS Products

Adding and Sorting Products on the POS

Products are added to the POS through Collections. Collections are groups of your products that can appear online or on the POS. If you don't already have Collections created, you'll want to create them first.

After a Collection is created, it will not automatically appear on the POS. Since Collections can be used for multiple things, you need to specify which are meant to display on the POS.

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Adding Collections to the POS 

  1. Go to Settings > POS Profiles > and select your POS Profile.
  2. Scroll down and under "Collections Menu", search for all of the Collections that you want to appear
  3. Click Save

Sorting Collections 

Collections will appear on the POS in the order that they're displayed in your POS Profile settings.

  1. To change the order, go to your specific POS Profile under Settings > POS Profiles
  2. Scroll down to "Collections Menu" and drag and drop on a Collection to move it

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  3. After sorting the order of your collections, click Save POS Profile
  4. Navigate to the POS to confirm your collections are in the correct order.





Removing Collections from the POS 

  1. Go to Settings > POS Profile > select the POS Profile
  2. Scroll down to "Collections Menu" and click the trash icon beside the Collection that you want to remove. This will not delete the Collection under Store > Collections; it will just take it off of the POS screen.
  3. Make sure to click Save POS Profile when you're done