How to Add, Remove, and Sort Collections in the POS.

Adding Collections to Your POS. 

When you create a collection in Commerce7, the collection will not automatically be placed in the POS. Collections must be manually added the the POS. 

To do this, navigate to Settings > POS Profiles > and select a POS Profile. 



Then select a collect you wish to add to your POS, and click "add". Make sure to click "Save POS Profile" when complete. 


Sorting Collections in Your POS. 

To sort collections in your POS, simply drag and drop a collection up or down the POS menu. 



After sorting the order of your collections, click "Save POS Profile", and navigate to the POS to confirm your collections are in the correct order. 


Removing Collections From Your POS. 

To remove a collection from your POS, simply click on the circle icon on the right hand side of your collection. Make sure to click "Save POS Profile" when complete.