FORT Transmittal Timing / Who to Contact if You Have Issues with FORT

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Timing of When Your Orders are Sent

Can you have more Control over when your Orders are Sent?

Carrier Service Levels

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Timing of When Your Orders are Sent

How often are Orders sent from Commerce7 to your Fulfillment House?

EVERY 30 MINUTES: FORT will attempt to upload Commerce7 Orders that are:
  • Not Fulfilled
  • Partially Fulfilled
  • Have been updated or created since the last successful upload
EVERY MORNING: Any previously unsuccessfully uploaded Orders and will be re-attempted.
  • Don't want to wait?  If you don’t want to wait for the system to check Orders, you can click on the 'Update button' in the FORT software to check for Orders in real time.
Quarantined Orders are prevented from being Uploaded to FORT. (Once such orders are no longer in Quarantined Status, they will be uploaded the next time the scheduled task runs).
In House Orders are prevented from being Uploaded to FORT. To create In House orders, use the Commerce7 Tag functionality described here.

The system will stop attempting to upload failed Commerce7 Orders if they have not been updated in Commerce7 for over 30 days.


Is it possible to have more control over when / how my Orders are sent?

There is a setting within the FORT software that allows you to receive all Orders in an "accepted" status. This configuration gives the winery more control over when - and how - Orders are shipping. If you have questions about how to enable and configure this functionality, please contact FORT.


Carrier Service Levels / Codes

Ensure that you set up the applicable Carrier Service Levels for your your Shipping Services under Settings > Shipping. It is extremely important the code is an EXACT match to the fulfillment option's code in FORT. 

Here's a current list of FORT's Carrier Service Levels for reference.

If you need more information on setting up shipping in Commerce7, click this link on How to Setup Shipping.


What if I have Issues with FORT?

FORT enables wineries to transmit Order data to Fulfillment warehouses. This is achieved by extracting Order data through our API and forwarding it to the Fulfillment warehouse.

We (Commerce7) do not have control over the process of pulling order data, including when and what is pulled. It is important to note that we do not send any information to FORT. They are solely responsible for determining how your Orders flow.

If you are running into issues or have questions about the integration, we would recommend reaching out to FORT for more information.