How Do I Put a Hold on a Location in Reservations?

There are two ways to place a hold in the reservation system; 

Place a hold on the reservation type

Place a hold on a location 

Examples of when you might want to hold a location are for special events, large group tours or regular customers that might like a certain table. 

By default, when you add a hold, you are blocking the selected location and time from being booked. This is done without adding a customer to the reservation.

After the hold is placed, you can;

Edit information and override price

Assign the reservation to an existing or new customer

How Do I Add a Hold?

To add a hold, start by selecting "+ Hold Location" from the Reservations tab. 

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Or from the Availability tab on the reservations menu. 

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Add A Hold on Location and the Reservation Experience/Type

Once you select "Add Hold" you will see a drop-down list of all your reservation types, select the reservation type and select 'Select Reservation Type'

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The fields that populate are based on the settings you have setup for each reservation type under Settings > Reservation Types.

For example: The Estate Tour options will populate based on the options, locations and tables set in the Settings section of the Reservations module.

The 'Notes' field is required before saving. 

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After selecting 'Add Hold' you can review the Hold and make changes/edits as necessary. You can also assign the hold to a customer.

Adding A Hold to a Location

To add a hold, start by selecting "+ Hold Location" from the Reservations tab or Availability tab on the reservations menu. 

You will see a drop-down list of all the reservation types/experiences you have setup.

Select 'Hold a Reservation without a Reservation Type.'

When creating a hold on a location without a reservation type, you have the ability to select any tables associated with the location selected.

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Editing Holds

Select 'Edit Location/Host' to change location, table and host. Select 'Edit Reservation Info' to change experience, guest count, date, time and price and be sure to select 'Save' when complete. 

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If you click the override checkbox, the system will NOT follow what you have pre-configured under your settings.

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Note: When reviewing/managing reservations, Holds will appear with a status of 'Hold' instead of 'Reserved'.

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Adding a Customer to a Hold

To add a customer to a hold, open the hold reservation and at the top search for the customer name or select 'Add New Customer' to add the customer to the reservation. 

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If you choose to add a customer to a hold reservation, you can add Billing Address, Credit Card on File (which will be the credit card that is charged when payment is captured) or you can choose alternate tender.

Note: A reservation has to be "complete" before automatic payment will be captured. A reservation requires a customer, billing address, payment type (ie. credit card) and a host assigned to auto-capture payment.

Payment will automatically capture at 8am, 48 hours before the reservation. If the customer is added to the hold reservation within 24 hours the payment will automatically capture at 8:00 a.m. (Pacific Time) the following day.

If the customer is added to the hold reservation less than 24 hours before, the payment has to be manually captured at the time of the reservation.