How Do I Create Reservation Tags?

Reservation Tags are used to create and identify customized groupings of reservations that can be used for filtering and exporting later. 

How Do I Create a Manual Reservation Tag? 

To create a Manual Reservation Tag navigate to Settings > Tags > select the Reservations tab > and then select "Add Reservation Tag".


Add a title for your Manual Reservation Tag and select "Add Reservation Tag".

add tag

Now that you have created a Manual Reservation Tag you can tag reservations individually to segment them. Start by selecting a reservation under the reservation tab in the reservation module. Use the drop down menu on the right side to select from a list of your pre-set up reservation tags, then select "Add."

A reservation can have multiple tags. 

res tag

Filtering/Exporting by Reservation Tag

To filter/export by Reservation Tag, head over to the Reservations and select the Search option on the top right. 


Next, select the filter button on the right side. Select Tag as the filter and then select the reservation tag you wish you filter by. 

esport reser

Once you have applied the filter you want, you can click Export to export a spreadsheet of all your club memberships with the specified tag.