Using Coupons in Campaigns

How coupons work and display for customers when used in a campaign email.

When creating a campaign, a coupon can be added to multiple content blocks to automatically apply a discount for the customer when the action button is clicked.


Content blocks

"Coupon" content block

When you add a "Coupon" content block, a button is displayed and you can search for a coupon to link it to. When a customer clicks the button from their email, it will auto-apply whatever coupon you added.

Customers must still qualify for the coupon in order for the discount to take effect. For example, if the coupon has criteria that customers must purchase a minimum of 6 bottles to receive the discount, the coupon will be "applied" when the button is clicked, but the discount won't kick in until they've added at least 6 bottles.

Learn more about the coupon content block or coupon discounts.

"Product" content block

When a coupon is added to a "Product" content block, the product price in the email will showcase the discount to all customers that qualify, showing the original price and the discount price. 

The discount price will also only show to customers that qualify for the discount. This means, you can send and email to a customer tag containing customers that qualify and customers that don't qualify and only customers that qualify for the discount will see it.

When qualified customers click the "Add to Cart" button from the email, it will bring them to a new cart on your website with the coupon already applied. 

Learn more about the product content block or coupon discounts.

Campaigns only work with Coupons. Promotions will continue to automatically apply for customers online. If a customer qualifies for both the coupon in the email and a promotion, they will receive both discounts at checkout (as long as these are in a promotion set together).


Adding a coupon to an email template

  1. When in your campaign (Marketing > Campaigns), you can either edit an existing coupon block or add a new coupon block to a template.
  2. When a "coupon" or "product" content block is added, on the right, there will be a field to search for a Coupon. 
  3. Type in the title of the coupon you want to add and select it from the dropdown.
  4. For "product" content blocks, check the option to Price so that qualified customers can see the discount applied.Commerce7-Edit-Product-Launch (5)
  5. When a customer clicks the Add to Cart button (or your custom button using the "coupon" content block), it will direct them to your website cart:
    1. If this was a "coupon" content block, the coupon will be applied.
    2. If this was a "product" content block, the specific product will be added and the coupon will be applied.

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