When Will Funds be Deposited into my Bank? What are Batch/Batching times?

What is the turnaround time from when Orders are processed to when the funds are batched and deposited into the bank?

Fullsteam Payments

Batch Time: 9:05pm EST (6:05pm PST) every night. (Contact support@commerce7.com to request a different batch time if-needed).

Funds are deposited: 2-day rolling basis - after batching - (business days only) by our payments team Fullsteam.
  • Transactions batched on Tuesday will be deposited into your bank on Friday.
    • Batched on Tuesday evening
    • Wednesday: Business day 1
    • Thursday: Business day 2
    • Friday AM funds are deposited
  • Transactions batched on Saturday will be deposited into your bank on Wednesday. 
    • Batched on Saturday evening
    • Sunday: Not a Business day
    • Monday: Business day 1
    • Tuesday: Business day 2
    • Wednesday: AM funds are deposited 
Can you change your Batch Time?
Yes. Contact support@commerce7.com to request a different batch time.
Can you receive your funds faster?
Yes. You can opt to receive funds one day earlier. Here's how.
What is the best way to reconcile Deposits made to my bank?
Click here for a step-by-step Reconciliation process for Fullsteam Payments.


(Using CardConnect with the Poynt terminal)

Batch Time for card present/POS terminal transactions: 9:30pm EST
Batch Time for Card not present or online sales: Midnight EST
Funds are deposited: 1-2 days after batching. 


Your Stripe account is totally separate from Commerce7 - but here's some information about how to configure the payout schedule within Stripe:

The default payout schedule is 'Daily Automatic'. You can change this in the Stripe Dashboard to Weekly Automatic, Monthly Automatic, or Manual payouts. When selecting a weekly or monthly schedule, you can specify the day of the week or month that you want payouts to arrive in your bank account. Selecting a payout schedule doesn’t change how long it takes your pending balance to become available, but it does give you control over when your funds are paid out. For example, if your account was operating on a daily payout schedule with a 3 business day payout speed, the funds paid out daily would be from 3 business days preceding.