When Will Funds be Deposited into my Bank?

What is the turnaround time from when Orders are processed to when the funds are deposited into the bank?

Commerce7 Payments

Batch Time: 9:05pm EST every night.

Funds are deposited: 2-day rolling basis (business days only). Examples: Transactions batched on Tuesday will be deposited into your bank on Friday. Transactions batched on Saturday will be deposited into your bank on Wednesday. 
Can you change your Batch Time?
Yes, but funding goes from 2 days to 3 days, unless you opt to pay an additional $20/month for accelerated debit.
To change the batch time, please reach out to the Fullsteam Payment Services team at


(Using CardConnect with the Poynt terminal)

Batch Time for card present/POS terminal transactions: 9:30pm EST
Batch Time for Card not present or online sales: Midnight EST
Funds are deposited: 1-2 days after batching.