What's the difference between adjusting inventory and resetting inventory?

What is the difference between Resetting and Adjusting Inventory?

Both actions change the Available for Sale and Reserved Inventory quantities, and both actions will show up on your Inventory Transaction Report. 

  • If you are manually adjusting a small quantity, you would likely make an Inventory Adjustment as it has a plus/minus function to add or subtract bottles from the current quantity. For example, if you are tracking bottles used in the Tasting Room, you may want to adjust the Available for Sale quantity to subtract those bottles used as they are no longer available for sale to your Customers.
  • If you are looking to make a large change to your Inventory, such as adding new stock to your Inventory, you would likely use the Inventory Reset. (If you need to reset/edit Inventory Count for a large number of Products, learn how to edit in bulk here).