Testing Your Workflows Before Launch

We understand that testing your workflows may not be the most exciting activity; However, testing common user scenarios and workflows is a crucial step to ensuring a smooth launch.

Making sure you understand how your customers will interact with your new website and ensuring all your t's are crossed and i's are dotted, can spare you from unwanted headaches down the line.

Here are few general testing scenarios we recommend completing before launch:

  1. Navigate through each page of your website and check for broken links
  2. Check you website to make sure you have product shots and they are loading
  3. Review your website on mobile device
  4. Create a test customer account 
  5. Sign up for club membership 
  6. Place an order and ensure taxes/shipping are correct
  7. Complete an order and make sure your payment gateway is working
  8. If using ShipCompliant, make sure your test order does not quarantine (if quarantine happens, click the compliance tab on the order and rectify the error) 
  9. Refund your test order
  10. Login as a club member and check promotions and/or coupons are working
  11. Test any additional promotions and/or coupons you have setup
  12. Complete a guest order on the POS
  13. Test payment terminal by completing an order with Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Debit