What is the best way to manage my tasting room pours, breakage etc?

For poured wine, spoiled wine, breakage etc. we highly recommend managing these transactions directly through your accounting system. Commerce7 is a DTC platform and managing orders such as these will skew your DTC data.

However, if you do choose to manage these orders in Commerce7, you can track your bottles manually and then ring them out as guest order on POS at $0.  You can then either use our Order Tags or Order Meta Data to identify the order for reporting later.

The Order Tag option allows you to filter by Order Tag in the Order Dashboard and there is also a Report called 'Sales By Order Tag' to get you the summary order those orders.

The Meta Data Option will come out of the system as a column in the Order Export. So you can basically see the identifier you have setup (i.e. whether it's a poured wine etc.) on the order in a spreadsheet view.

Another option could be to track the bottles separately and then do a manual inventory transaction at the end of the day with the reason notes (i.e. poured bottle etc.)