Why Aren't My Taxes Calculating The Way I Want?

There are two tax options in Commerce7 for US clients

1. ShipCompliant Basic Taxes Rates

This is a free integration we offer that pulls local tax rates from ShipCompliant. These tax rates can't be changed and are managed and updated by ShipComplaint.

Here is a link to our documentation on How Do I Setup the Free Integration For ShipComplaint Tax Rates

If you have questions about these rates, please reach out to ShipCompliant support at support@sovos.com.

2. A Full ShipCompliant Integration 

This requires a paid ShipCompliant account and will pull tax rates as setup in your ShipCompliant account. 

To inquire about these rates or to setup a full ShipCompliant account, contact ShipCompliant support at support@sovos.com.

Note: If there is a discrepancy in the taxes that are being charged on your orders, please first contact ShipCompliant Support support@sovos.com.