Refunding Tips

How to refund tips for each payment gateway.

Refunding tips with Commerce7 Payments 

The tip portion on an order can be refunded if the order was processed with Commerce7 Payments or Stripe. 

To refund the tip on an order select Refund at the top of the order then select the edit icon on the tip line. Enter $0.00 if you aren't refunding the tip or leave the value to refund the tip. Continue with refunding the order. 

Refunding tips with Card Connect/IPI

Tips cannot be refunded if the order was processed with Card Connect/IPI. If a tip was incorrectly charged it has to be refunded directly in the payment gateway. 

If you do refund directly from the Gateway, there is no way to record that refund in Commerce7. We would recommend you reach out to your bookkeeper or accounting team to expect a potential discrepancy between the payment captured and Commerce7 Sales Reports. They should make a manual journal entry or adjustment to account for this direct refund performed outside Commerce7.