Preventing Fraud & Commerce7 Fraud Measures

Learn more about how Commerce7 handles fraud and what simple precautions you can take to help prevent fraudulent charges

When a customer does not authorize a transaction, it is considered fraudulent. This type of transaction can lead to a chargeback, resulting in financial loss for you. To prevent this, there are various ways to investigate a suspicious order.


Commerce7 Fraud Measures

At Commerce7 we do take fraud seriously. The percentage of fraudulent orders in Commerce7 is quite low, but it does still happen. While we are continuing to improve our fraud tools, here are some of the measures currently in place.
  • Numerous IP address and other blocking in place; all through Amazon
  • Continued increase of password security
  • Google's silent re-captcha on Checkout and payment forms to ensure that orders are not coming from a bot
  • Silently block (shadow ban) customers who attempt too many different credit cards on an order or place multiple/many orders in a short amount of time
  • Pass level 3 data all the way through to the processor; who is ultimately who approves or declines transactions

Learn more about data security here.



How to Prevent Fraud

Email Address Search

Performing a search for the email address on popular search engines like Google can provide valuable insights into whether the email address has been associated with any previous instances of fraudulent activity. Additionally, this search may reveal social media posts or other relevant information that can help establish a connection between the customer and the email address they provided. This step is crucial in investigating suspicious orders and minimizing the risk of fraud.

Call the Phone Number provided on the Order

It is highly recommended to contact the customer directly when dealing with a suspicious order. Fraudulent customers often provide invalid phone numbers. If someone answers the call, ask them basic questions about their order and pay attention to their responses. Do they seem knowledgeable about the addresses, phone number, email, and name they used? Are they having difficulty providing simple information?

Unusually High Value Order? Review, review, review

If you receive an order that is significantly larger than your average orders, it is important to verify the identity of the customer.

Multiple Orders using the Same Shipping Address (with slight variations/name differences)?

If you receive multiple orders that have the same shipping address but different names or slight variations in other information (for example, "Apt 3" versus "Suite 3"), it is important to exercise caution and thoroughness before shipping the product. This is an indication that further investigation is necessary to ensure the legitimacy of the orders.

Next steps

  • If you opt not to fulfill a high-risk order, then refund the Order and report the Order as fraudulent.
  • Have you received notification that there's been a chargeback (dispute)? Learn how chargebacks work here
  • Learn about Commerce7's data security measures here.