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How are Chargebacks/Disputes Handled with Fullsteam Payments (and How to Avoid Them)

If a Customer disputes a charge (due to fraud, not recognizing the charge, etc), you may see a Chargeback

Fullsteam Payments: What happens when a transaction is disputed by your Customer?

Chargeback Notification: You will be emailed a 'Chargeback Notification' (from Fullsteam) notifying you of the dispute. 

IMPORTANT: The Chargeback Notification will explain everything about the disputed charge, along with instructions about how you can provide evidence to fight the dispute. You will generally have 10 days to submit evidence.

What if you don't want to fight the Dispute?

To accept the chargeback, simply reply to the email notification that you receive from Fullsteam. Let them know that you agree with the dispute and accept the chargeback.


  1. Provide all documentation by the submission date identified in the Chargeback Notification.
  2. Process credits promptly, to ensure the lowest possibility of a card holder creating a chargeback. 
  3. PLEASE ensure the cardholder is aware of additional charges and what they are for - and agree to them - before charging their card.
  4. Always notify the cardholder via email or text message before charging their card if they are not present.

The Chargeback was ruled in the Cardholder's favor. What now?

  1. If you choose to accept the chargeback or if it is ruled in favor of the Cardholder, the chargeback Order is not automatically marked refunded in C7.  In this case, you should mark the Order refunded via external tender in C7.
  2. Monthly C7 Volume Fee Calculation: Refunded/chargebacked orders do not count towards the monthly volume fees for Commerce7, as this is calculated from net sales.

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