Orders & Order Management

Shipping a Tasting Room Order

If a customer in the tasting room wants to ship their order home, you can easily mark the order to be shipped while you're creating it.

  1. Click "New" at the top of the screen to start creating your order.
    1. If you already have a guest customer order started, click the Add Customer link from the top of your order and then continue with the next steps.
  2. If a contact exists for the customer, search to add them to the order.
  3. If a contact doesn't yet exist, type in the customer's name and you'll see an option for Add Customer.
    1. On the next window, you'll need enter the customer's name and email, but you can choose if you want to enter any other details now or in a future window when you go to add the membership.
    2. When you're done, click the blue Add Customer button to create the contact.
  4. Once the customer is added, click the order actions menu and click Ship Order

  5. Select an existing shipping address or enter a new one.
  6. On the next modal, add any shipping specific details. You can edit the shipping method, override the shipping price, add a requested ship date, or enter in shipping instructions or a gift message.
  7. When you're done, click Save Shipping
  8. Once shipping has been added, you can edit or remove it by clicking the same order action of "Ship Order" or by clicking the pencil icon on the shipping charge that appears in the order summary. When you're on the full payment screen, you'll also be able to see a full preview of the shipping details and edit the information or remove shipping completely which would revert it back to a carry out order.

  9. Pay and complete the order.

A POS order can't be split between carry out and shipping. Carry out and shipping orders have to be processed as separate orders in the POS.