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Receipts on the POS

 In Commerce7 there are 3 types of receipts:

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Email Receipts

When completing an order on the POS, existing customers will automatically be emailed their order receipt. When completing a guest order, you will be prompted to enter an email address to email the receipt at the end of the transaction.

After entering an email address, you'll see the option to email a receipt and a new contact record will automatically be created so that the information can be captured for their next visit.

Acquiring emails for email receipts is a great way to build your database for future email marketing.



Thermal Receipts

At the end of a transaction on the POS, if you have a printer set up in your POS Profile, you'll see the option to print a thermal receipt. After clicking Print Receipt, you can select which printer you want the receipt to send to (if you have multiple).
If you want to print a thermal receipt after the transaction is complete or for an order refund, in the POS or Admin, under Store > Orders, select your order, then click More Actions > Print Thermal Receipt.

Thermal receipts include:
  1. If there is a tip, then Tip and Total after Tip lines are included.
  2. First/Last name if the Cart is attached to a Customer.
  3. Payment tender types are listed at the bottom of receipt.
  4. Long product titles wrap (on full words) and include a row feed if wrapped for readability.
Receipt Example


8.5" x 11" Paper Receipt

You can print a 8.5" x 11" receipt while viewing any order after it's complete. In the POS or Admin, under Store > Orders, select an order, then click Print 8.5x11 Receipt.

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Printable Receipt Example

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  1. Are there other Receipt Templates to choose from?
    For additional receipt templates you can enable the Order Print app by Treefrog Digital and there is also a custom template option. If you are interested you can reach out to Treefrog Digital who built the Order Printer app.

  2. Is it possible to pre-print a receipt that includes tip and signature lines?

    You can pre-print a receipt from a Cart or POS - and include an optional tip line (for people who would like old style tips and signatures).

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