Migrating Cards to Stripe from Another Gateway (when transitioning from V1 to V2)

Request Your Payment Data (Customer Credit Cards) from Your Previous Processor 

Have the account owner contact the processor. (Most will only initiate a data transfer upon the account owner’s request).

After requesting the data transfer from your previous processor, let Stripe know

Work with a Migration Partner

While Commerce7 doesn't perform data migration internally, we have a number of partners who do - and we very highly recommend that you work with one to facilitate the process. You can find a list of our Data Migration Partners here.

How Long Does it Take?

It can take between a few days and several weeks for your previous processor to transfer the final data to Stripe, so make sure to allow for this transition time in your migration plan. If the data we receive can’t be used, Stripe will outline any issues and work with your previous processor to correct the data.

After your previous processor transfers your data, Stripe begins importing it into your account. Stripe creates a Customer for each unique customer in the transferred data file, and creates and attaches the customer’s cards as Card or Source objects. If the transferred data indicates the customer’s default card, we set that as the customer’s default payment method for charges and subscription payments.

This import process usually occurs within 10 business days of receiving complete and correct data from your previous processor.

WindCave Users: Note that if you are currently using WindCave, you will not be able to migrate your credit cards, as WindCave does not allow for that. Click here for steps about setting up your Stripe account.